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  1. Jesus first time posting here in a while. I expect us to beat Leicester. I watched them against Burnley and they were brutal. Granted neither team wanted to lose but they stole the win neither team deserved it to be honest. They are a good side though and as Lionsden said above me they can be very creative. I do think our strengths counteract their strengths though. I think Matic and Zouma would be ideal, but I think Jose will start Ramires. The less said about his season the better and I really don't want to see him stay this summer but he looked less horrible then he usually does yesterday (
  2. I'm worried about it. Think it'll be tight but we'll come out with 3 points with a late Hazard winner.
  3. Sweet jesus. This is going around in circles. I'm done. Agree to Disagree and all that.
  4. I just think this season its the right thing to do. We're chasing to win everything we can so we want to win everything and keep the momentum going. Keeping everyone in the main squad happy so the squad players will accept not starting and have the right mentality to be ready to come in and do the job when needed, later on in the season when the big games start I really feel we'll be in a better position for it. Hopefully RLC will get his Premiership debut before the season is out because physically he looks ready. Would love to see Bamford in the squad next season if Drogba retires.
  5. You should see Pochettino's post match interviews. He needs that translator back. Can't understand a word he says.
  6. Why any manager would work under Daniel Levy is beyond me. He is possibly the biggest cunt in football so lets hope he stays where he is for the forseeable future. I like Harry Redknapp and him getting sacked after finishing 4th and us qualifying ahead of them for the Champions League. Would have loved to see Levys face when we beat Bayern!
  7. Because Mikel and Schurrle would have been outraged that in one of the few chances they get to start and put in a claim that young players that don't train with the first team squad and are playing regular football with the U21s and Youth sides. Granted its at a lower level but its still more then our fringe players get. We need these players to be playing well and ready to come in if needed. Not feeling like they'll never break into the team or play.
  8. Shane

    Kurt Zouma

    I really really think its time to start giving him League games over Cahill and seeing how he gets on. Every time he's played this season he's been nothing short of sensational. Cahill is brilliant at throwing his body on the line but his defensive clearances leave alot to be desired. They seem to always land straight at the other teams centre forwards feet. Zouma looks so composed and comfortable on the ball, and he's only 20. I would say he's going to be the next John Terry but John Terry was not this good when he was 20. 2 goals in 6 starts too, and would have got one against Lisbon until M
  9. Alan Shearer is widely regarded as one of the greatest English strikers and rightly so, and he played in what, One FA Cup final for Newcastle? Henry won Arsenal leagues nearly on his own, and consistently produced great displays in the big european games, look at his goals in the Bernabau and San Siro. On Shearer, Hope to see the year Newcastle challenged for the title on Premier League Years over Christmas. Loved that team, The Entertainers.
  10. Really really really hope Steve Clarke does well at Reading. Perfect club for him in my opinion. Think he could build something special there to be honest.
  11. Whatever your views on Jose and the promotion of youth, Both sides of the argument have very valid points and its an interesting discussion, But I really do think Jose knows how vital it is, and he has spoke about it and I get the feeling that no one wants it to work out more then anyone. I also feel its going to happen in the next few years as Jose's influence into the club will grow. I also feel that for the youth to progress the lesser players (Mikel, Ramires, Salah and more to be assessed later in the season i.e Schurrle) need to leave and this should only be done when your starting eleven
  12. Because if we fielded a team with Baker, Boga and Solanke in it, along with Christensen, Ake, Salah and Zouma in it we'd probably lose and I imagine Jose really wants to win the Capital One Cup this season. I would have started Solanke over Drogba but Drogba needed match fitness which is paying dividends now. RLC probably should have got more game time yes, But Jose wanted to make sure the game was won. We owed it to Schalke to play our best and put out a good side. Nearly every team who had qualified put out more or less there strongest teams. If we want to give our academy players more time
  13. Jose didn't really do it at Inter and Madrid because he wasn't there long enough and the short term results were too important. Especially at Madrid. Its all well and good talking about it in theory, but a top manager isn't going to risk bringing youth players through because they're under pressure for short term results. If a manager starts to intergrate youth players results could slip and in today's footballing world a few bad results and questions are being immediately asked of your job. This can change with managerial stability. Jose knew he wasn't going to spend long with Inter or Madrid
  14. Why do we always get Championship teams at home?!
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