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  1. I wouldn't rule out him becoming our next interim (if the need arises) till June.
  2. This match has only served as confirmation of how truly broken the glass is. If I recall correctly that's a single horrid performance after a (by his Chelsea standards) absolutely tremendous run of form and we are all unanimously back to thoroughly despising him, because that's exactly what his overall Chelsea performances deserve. Can't wait for him to fuck off. The club and us supporters will be much more healthy.
  3. I came into this thread to find something that would cheer me up. Think that will do so cheers. Gotta love me some context.
  4. While I certainly agree there's been a lack of focus it's not like we don't have plenty strong angles if there was a need to criticize Sturridge using purely footballing grounds. The discussion has taken this course because the transfer had obviously sweet fuck all to do with on-pitch football.
  5. Malouda is smarter than canceling his vacations in Brazil in order to move from London to Liverpool.
  6. Cheers. Seems like a very tidy sum (even when substracting the City %) considering he had but a few months on his contract. Will need to get a figure on his wages from a trustworthy source to decide if he's the absolute mong he currently appear to be. City->Chelsea->Liverpool. Doesn't he read the papers?
  7. Any word on transfer fee and/or wages?
  8. Despite the horrible tumblr format I read through this because the author is spot-on when talking about some common misconceptions and apparent facts that were overlooked even back in Jan 201. Good informative read that gives a clearer picture than the one we've had till now. Obviously it doesn't really absolve Torres of any responsibility of provide any way as to how RB's hiring will help but that would be expecting too much.
  9. Us being out of changes and an injured player being told that he has to keep playing? Hopefully low.
  10. Plausible interpretation but I'm too inclined to apply the principle of Occam's razor (as I was in the huge AVB v Terry/Cole debacle in the Napoli game and never quite bought at least half of the manager v player stories). 1 It's very reasonable to give some rest to your most played outfield player, 2 Managers know better than players if they need to rest them.
  11. After an initial outburst I came as much in terms with the events as I realistically could. The fact that it's a temporary appointment points to us still waiting for whoever it is we've been wanting to sign since firing AVB and if realistically Torres doesn't make a tremendous comeback into form maybe the club will finally realise that it's time to get rid of him or at least diminish his importance. All those hopeful thoughts aside, I still don't' see the point of getting rid of one hugely popular caretaker for another one who is a PR disaster waiting to happen. An internal burst-up could expl
  12. Just wanted to add my voice to those saying that his performance was absolutely dreadful. The Kalou analogy has ringed true to my ears for some time now as far as his on the ball play is concerned but now his off the ball play is proving to be even worse and at times slower than what you'd expect from any PL quality striker. I settled with the fact that we are truly stuck with him a long time ago and Sturridge's contract situation isn't helping but surely if he continues to be detrimental to our season in important games things must change.
  13. Apologies for going AWOL for so long. I'm moving to another country (hold your horses, for academic purposes) and my life has been pretty frenetic in the past few months. I'm lagging behind my regular foruming but haven't missed a game mostly due to TC Anyway, since I'll probably be logging from a different IP in a couple of days and I doubt I'll be as active as I was a couple of years ago, I wanted to say I greatly enjoyed reading and taking part in some of the discussions we've had with the regulars of the forum and that I'm still reading most of you on twitter and will gladly follow more.
  14. That's why I said looks. Did your eyesight suffer any damage?
  15. I got the fee from wikipedia so it's no surprise it was wrong. Still even ~19-20m doesn't sound correct. If his case is similar to Lukaku's where the majority of the reported fee is future add-ons and his waged do not exceed 40k per week (any reports on that?) his annual cost for the club will be just about right for a player of his age who is involved in the first team. Good. Functionality and responsibility is just as important for the team and we can't afford to have the plethora of new creative assets to be a luxury like last year.
  16. £25m looks a bit heafty for the ammount of appearances he has had. Well since he'll be classified as U21 for the comming season I don't expect him to feature heavily in deeper positions whereas he's guaruanteed games in the front 3 with our current lack of attackers (what's the main squad analysis thread btw?) .
  17. Wait we signed this guy? Is he a proper midfielder or a variant of an attacking midfielder/ wide forward/ second striker like the bunch we already have?
  18. I had a strangley similar experiences with PES 2009 (the last PES I played seriously). There were times that the game was clearly in favour of one side (evident even by the refereeing*) only to latter provide the same treatment to the other side. *Still not sure how you can fuck up refereeing in a video game.
  19. Not quite. Taking one of the foreigners' spot and earning wages which for 99% of his stay did not match his role in the squad are simplistic yet mention-worthy factors that are as good as the one you base your current argument on.
  20. He's one of the very few footballers that should write a book on their careers. The fact that he managed to last 6 years at a top 5 / top 10 club is an incredible achievement and one of the wonders of modern football.
  21. Can we get a Salomon Kalou departs thread in the MHS? I think we had similar topics in the past.
  22. Isn't that how these things also worked in the past? I think instead of one huge pay off we kept paying Ancelotti his agreed wages until he got hired by PSG.
  23. I'm sure someone will think of something better but there's beauty in the simplicity of the reaction
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