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  1. There should have never been a first
  2. Aren't you a treat to have a conversation with? I will not have being called a bigot and anti-Semitic due to a post promoting skepticism. Reported and the first person to join my ignore list since mid2010. Don't give up your "crusade" as the supporters of Illuminati bs have to have someone to maintain their retarded debates. Your laughable rant on international "rankings" (particularly the Democracy one) and your recession dig at the shithole I live in only serve to underline what a waste of time discussing with you was.
  3. So you would agree that if we assume that the coach is not pivotal in transfer decisions having managerial stability becomes less of an issue?
  4. So you assume bigotry anywhere you feel like? Do point out in any of my 2 posts implied reference to nationality/religion or any other kind of anti-semetic sentiments. Your being presumptuous and frankly offensive will manage not only to lower the level of the discussion (which I see you don't mind) but also to get ignored in whatever genuine on-topic point you are trying to make. Playing the "anti-semite" card is much more sickening than anything I've read in this thread.
  5. If the unsustainable argument is about the managerial pay-offs our accounts are encumbered with each year that can be dealt with smarter contracts and less impulse moves. You believe maintaining the backroom staff (apart from the manager) to be more important than maintaining the people that are in the Football Board? I don't think that's even arguable. While the argument about a long-term manager being beneficial to young players is true you have to keep in mind the hypocrisy of the whole young players issue at Chelsea. The last player who managed to genuinely break his way into the team had
  6. If our managerial merry-go-round keeps damaging the club while it wins leagues and cups in contrast to Arsenal's philosophy then so be it. We had a man who enjoyed stability at a probably more important position than the managers and was brought to implement a specific philosophy. He had control over the 2 things that shape a clubs visible future: the Academy and the scouting network. I don't remember much of a revolt when we lost that stability yet we constantly go nuts over the risk of losing stop gap managers like Scolari, Ancelotti, AVB and Di Matteo.
  7. You're asking whether I believe huge capital holders and investment groups have any control? Are we going to question that money can equal power? While their influence may be overstated ( in comparison to the 19th century when they probably were new Medicis) I do, in fact, believe that the interests of those funds and of similar groups shape events and trends on a higher scale and can be (if wisely) used as a reference point to how accumulated capital equals control over resources in importance in the modern world. Not sure why you get defensive about the Semitic side as I've made no mention o
  8. This is a quite good talk on that idea
  9. I switched to PC games at a fairly young age and never looked back.
  10. I somehow escaped that hype due to being absorbed by football fairly early and never owning a PS2
  11. It's actually interesting how this confirms children are the most gullible customers. As you of all the things I remember myself doing (quite a few listed in this thread) I'm glad/proud of only the active experiences.
  12. It's on the top of my list along with The Art of War as soon as I get a Kindle. Any of you got one?
  13. I have some knowledge of Freud's pseudo-scientific theories. Are the points he presents in the book related to/based on his psychological theories ?
  14. I think it's fair to say children can be pretty vain. In before someone mentions the irony of posting this on football forums.
  15. Unless those pathetic "programmers" who create them literally hack Facebook every such app I've seen in the past 5 years is a load of crap.
  16. The socks of the home kit are blue.
  17. Shame that can't be translated. Would do for a great wind-up.
  18. Oh wait I'd rather post a witty picture
  19. That's what you get when you make idiots feel at home.
  20. Equal pages with the Politics thread? Right. Downhill is the direction. I actually quite like how South Park explained conspiracy theories in their episode on 9/11, ridiculous ideas that masquerade and make fun of concrete facts (that should be of interest) by those who would rather divert attention via this faultless method. For example rightly laughing at NWO etc and also consciously choose to ignore the influence of the Rothschilds and the like.
  21. Thanks. Knew CM12 was the answer. Got "Unable to retrieve information from the registry. Probably the game is not installed properly." when tried to launch it, any ideas (apart from reinstalling)? Nevermind, got it. Cheers.
  22. Hey Shon you might be able to help me out with this. I've been using the new kit you posted somewhere a while ago but I've been having an issue with the crest. While every other "part" of the kit works fine I have 2 badges, one is a coloured badge that was part of the kit while the other is the standard badge that appeared on the previous kit and now overlaps the stylized badge but still lets a part of it be visible. I'm too bored to create a screenshot so I hope the above makes sense
  23. That's too good a post to remain in a topic that will not be taken seriously by the majority of the forum until at least half-way through the season. I mostly echo your concerns but am content since as you said he deserves the job and the alternatives were uninspiring.
  24. Has to me Ronaldinho for me too. He had twice the natural talent of anyone I've seen bar Zidane (although he was more gifted than him too) and should have been football's poster boy for a decade. 3 years of being the best is nowhere near what he could have achieved.
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