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  1. Just got back. Fucking incredible atmosphere, fucking incredible season. What a team.
  2. Good luck, Thibaut. Start of a new era.
  3. Getting involved goes against my better judgment, but...Mediaset story not right. Chelsea+Napoli haven't agreed a fee for Cavani. Interest is very real, though, and that's not to say they won't agree a deal. Jovetic so likely that Fiorentina have a replacement lined up. https://twitter.com/RorySmithTimes
  4. Hi, haven't posted since Munich. Delighted.
  5. What an awful backstory but, as with Błaszczykowski, it's wonderful to see him carry on with his life. Full respect.
  6. He hasn't officially signed yet because the French transfer window opens on the 13th.
  7. To be fair, they do have Henderson while we've got Mata, so swings and roundabouts...
  8. He apparently wants that number, so I wouldn't be surprised. Impossible boots to fill, though.
  9. The Guardian. Expect the Portugese media to confirm it tomorrow.
  10. Great news. Same price tag as Aguero, so hopefully he can have a similar impact.
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