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  1. Moses or even Azpi (if you want to go more defensive) can be the RWB. Willian and Pedro are too small for RWB imo. Like yesterday, Moses had to rely on his physicality a lot, especially with Azpi being a small CB as well on the right side. I'd play Azpi as RWB if you want to go more defensive, with Zouma as RCB. No new players needed here. For LWB, I'm confident Baba is good enough to help out next season onwards. No new players needed here. I would like to get a more clinical RF to compete with Pedro and Willian. Griezmann would be a godsend there. James Rodriguez would be nice too.
  2. Firstly, huge respect to Moses. Never gave up and has shown amazing determination to fight for a place at Chelsea. Great role model and example for everyone. Secondly, oh my lord, how quickly he's learned that RWB role. The offensive side was never going to be an issue, but wow, he was very very good defensively. He reminded me of Azpi at times at how good he was at positioning and just reading the game.
  3. Naaaah Moses has already learned that role so quickly. Like unbelievably quickly. Plus offensively, Moses is a beast. Maybe not so great in the final third, but his power and ability on the ball is a huge asset in bringing the ball up the pitch. Plus 1 on 1, he can skin pretty much any defender too.
  4. The adorable BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. You bring up a good point. Not sure who else could play there. No other left-footers in the team so no matter who it is, it'll be a little unbalanced. Maybe Aina can do a job. And, so could Azpi once Zouma is fit to play RCB.
  6. Everytime with Chelsea, it takes a new manager or just a complete horror show of an entire season for managers to try something different. But with Conte, he's been experimenting from the first match. And even when he initially settled on one, he's adapted right away and changed things around. Kante started as a holding mid and now he's an all out box to box mid, the perfect role for him. Thanks you based Conte.
  7. Yeah, I don't buy that at all. He's clearly an important first team member.
  8. That happened twice. Both times during the back 3 phase of the defence. Whatever, I'd write off the second half. All kinds of mess was going on there.
  9. Growing pains on a new team. It's fair for him to give the "senior" players the first chance. But as long as he learns and adapt and realizes Ivanovic and Cahill should never start again, then I'm fine. He has to show he's learned from the losses. If he can show that, he's fine in my book, even if he loses after making the changes.
  10. What the Fuck did he get booked for? Koscielny fouls him like 5 times and just walks away. He lets out one scream in frustration and gets booked?
  11. That's 3 games in a row. He got caught against Leicester too. How do you let the same thing happen 3 times? I'm sorry, that makes no sense to me.
  12. Not sure how you can blame Fabregas after that. You can't think of anyone else who deserves more blame?
  13. Please come back. I don't care if you come back and make mistakes. At least there's a chance you learn from it.
  14. Just don't lose. I'll take a draw. Win would give me orgasms till next weekend.
  15. The biggest positive for me is that he has been BULLYING championship defenders. If he can do that at 18, be that strong in the air and with his back to the goal, he'll be perfectly fine in the PL. Bamford has beautiful technique and finishing but he is nothing special from a physical point of view. Almost everyone plays with 1 striker how, and if you can't hold the ball up, you're not going to make it. Hence why Bamford won't and I worry about Solanke a bit in that sense too, he's better than Bamford at holding the ball up but not that great tbh.
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