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  1. It’s depressing that everyone is progressing except us, I guess sometimes you have to hit rock bottom for progress to ensue
  2. Even with Ziyech we look clueless, some times the best explanation is the most simple one. FL is not good enough that’s a fact. Some supporters delude themselves in saying trust the process give Lampard time just Liverpool did Klopp, difference with Klopp you can see what style he is playing, can anyone explain what style Lampard is playing. He was a legend at the club but time to put bias and emotions aside and face facts. He is out of his depth that much is obvious and sometimes it’s better to cut the limb to save the body and that’s what Chelsea is at this point and ailing body that needs t
  3. That Maybe true but I saw the United game against Leicester and other previous games and they play decent free flowing football and I hate to admit it as a Chelsea fan but that’s the reality. Our style of play is obvious play from the right wing if it doesn’t work the left wing, if we’re desperate and out of time cross in the box and hope for the best. the team lacks a football style and that’s on the manager. The problem with the fan base is we keep making excuses for Frank despite how tactically inept he is. If it was Sarri the fan base would demand his Sacking after the Arsenal game, let’s
  4. Even ole is more tactical than Lampard, that’s the depressing part. This team is even more predictable than the 2018 team under Conte, top 4 is a big ask at this point
  5. If CHO or Pulisic come off instead of giroud for Werner Lampard should be sacked, because it confirms that he is tactically inept
  6. Can someone remind Jorginho that his stupid move is not fooling anyone, it makes you posture more predictable to the goalkeeper
  7. 75 minutes 0 shots on target against a shit Arsenal, Chelsea are being generous with there Christmas gift this year
  8. Is anyone else having a mixture of emotions rage sadness and indifference at the same time
  9. Wow just wow, I’m can’t say anything
  10. Let’s put our affection for Lampard aside, let’s be honest with ourselves if Klop, mourinho, even the likes of Espírito Santo and Rodgers had these types of players we would have been better, that’s the reality. He was a legend at the club but managerially is out of his depth. Im beyond frustrated and dejected every time we have a chance to get back on track we crumble.
  11. Love SF absolute but it’s obvious he can’t handle the demand of Chelsea let’s wait until the end of the season then appoint a new manager, it’s obvious even from the most optimistic supporter he doesn’t know what to do with most of the players there is no playing style no cohesion
  12. Only Chelsea only Chelsea let’s a relegation arsenal go 2-0 it’s beyond pathetic these players should be ashamed it’s beyond repugnant
  13. I’m optimistic that we will win, there confidence is non existent, plus there is a probability that aubameyang and martinelli will not play, so zero excuse we should not win this game.
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