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  1. Please Pulisic don't be injured
  2. Poor pass by Jorginho. I hope this goal will wake them up.
  3. Werner is even worse and Giroud is nonexistent.
  4. We are lucky it was offside, that was so stupid from Chilwell.
  5. The scariest thing is, we have nothing better on the bench. Maybe Gilmour or Jorginho instead of Kante
  6. We are playing like we have no wingers.
  7. We need to be playing with Pulisic and/or Havertz, so they can break their lines.
  8. Yees, and we still have 20 minutes to get at least one more goal. Get Oli in!
  9. Well that was unexpected, great job Mount!
  10. We play so slow. It's like their training's wrong. Werner is a big standout, if only our other players could move half as much.
  11. So far the only positive thing is Werner-Havertz partnership. We play like we have no midfield. Ruben and Kante have been really bad so far.
  12. If only they would show us the replay of that offside...
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