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  1. simply love you Ivan, so much lol Goons still 0, City still losing. COME ON GUYS!
  2. Ashley's crosses are poor as well, and that sucks!
  3. Anelka just totally fucked Ivan's work lol
  4. Drogba has been apart from his goal assist nothing but really poor.
  5. second half is about to start, let's do better guys!
  6. thank god we managed to level to score before the half time, but seriously Carlo, let your emotions get out of you
  7. veetle just stopped streaming omg http://atdhe.net/27015/watch-blackburn-vs-chelsea
  8. unbelievable work by Petr, Flo and Drogs
  9. and here we are again, Essien missed a shot. Give Lampard this kind of position and you will see... where are you Lamps?!
  10. it looks slightly better, hopefully we will not regret the very poor start
  11. aaah fucking block, Zhirkov almost hit it
  12. players are having problems with Diouf, something is really wrong lol
  13. why the fuck did Drogba take the free kick from nearly the half line?
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