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  1. how on earth could someone miss that
  2. there is a fan on the pitch isn't it
  3. well taken, really youngsters on!
  4. They are confused aren't they lmao. Exchanging shirts lol
  5. HOW lol, so close. Otherwise they pressure us really well.
  6. strange to see JT sitting on the bench. well next to our bench hehe
  7. an interesting set-piece, what a goal for Ivan that would be lmao
  8. http://archiv.nova.cz/home/simulcast/?show_id=6432 a real quality however with czech language if you don't mind lol
  9. Thas's a must! Otherwise his 20-goal-season would be probably over lol
  10. Joe Cole definitely out of this game, as he's out for two weeks.
  11. I laughed while watching his interview on the official Chelsea website. Ivan was asked what he was doing up there befoe the goal and he started laughing An incredible man this Ivan.
  12. Look at the games we played - in every single one Cech made some brilliant saves and in at least three of them he saved us from losing points (or more points at Villa). Petr for me.
  13. Yeah yeah, just the difficulty, the late winner and the importance of the win. More or less the same.
  14. and hey, Ivan finally finally found the net! reminds me of the away Burnley game last year
  15. Yuri did a fantastic job today, MOTM along with Petr who definitely saved us from being 3-0 down. A very important win, how great is to bounce back from being one down! City lost, Arsenal won okay but at least the gap remains the same with another difficult game away from home behind us. Now will Spurs do anything at Old Trafford?
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