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  1. Oh shit really? I was convinced he was with us
  2. Take the piss and play Rob Green But seriously speaking, we should rotate pretty much everyone and still have an easy time. I want to see the like of CHO, Ampadu,Cahill and even Tammy. Or play Morata, see if he can start scoring so he stops looking so miserable for a day or two
  3. The only thing I can say is playing with Eden is like using a cheat code. Please get him to sign!
  4. Things to point out. My heart can't take this hahaha Kante on the wing, not a good sight imo. Yedlin? TAKE THAT YOU CUNT Awful ref. The possession was incredible. More than 80% was something I did not expect, but then again, they just stuck 10 men in the box. On to the next one! I'm loving what Sarri is doing. COYB!
  5. That is such a Kante thing to do. He is too precious for this world
  6. Well, now that I think about it, the word I should have used to properly express what I thought should have been "around". English is not my native language so yeah. I do agree that your suggestions would have been better as well. I can imagine that hearing that word every second from those tourists must have been rather annoying. So sorry mate
  7. Tbf we should have won that match like 12-0
  8. Wow that 3rd kit looks awful Anyway. Newcastle, eh? I swear they could be down in the forth division and they would still give us trouble. With our attack I would say I believe we'll win, but with our defensive troubles I can't see us getting the 3 points. A frustrating 1-1 draw for me
  9. Cheers mate. I'll have to see if I can find a replay of the match somewhere. EDIT: By the way, how did Morata and Alonso play? I was particularly interested in seeing if Morata could regain confidence (I saw he scored so I imagine he must have) and I was worried they were going to target Alonso
  10. Just found out about the result Great to know we won How did the lads do?
  11. I love this you nutter. I won't be able to watch the match, but I really do hope we get a win to start the season with a good mood. What better way of doing that than blowing le arse's fans expectations?
  12. This is so crucial. I know there will be many who will immediately jump at him when he makes a mistake or has a generally bad match. We need to push him forward!
  13. Come on Inter, I know you guys have it in you to lure Modric away from the Bernabeu.
  14. Goodbye you snake Your complete lack of respect for the club was disgusting , overshadows what good appearances you put in, and I don't want to see you wear our badge ever again.
  15. I don't have an agenda against him mate. I just don't rate him as much as other people do. And that doesn't only involve preseason. I've never been super impressed by him. I want him to do good, but I don't expect him to be the second coming of Lampard. Can he help? Yeah. Is it vital for us to keep him? No.
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