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  1. I don't think squad is as good as the two Manc sides but better than the rest. We'll challenge but finish in top 4 with no issues providing no key injuries.
  2. Thanks mate, I will bare this in mind
  3. Gianfranco_Z


    If Lampard is going to go, it would make sense I suppose.
  4. Playing a network game with some of my mates from uni. Signed Benzia, does anyone have any experience/ advice with this striker? First time I've used him.
  5. No left back in the world is worth £25m + if FFP wasn't something we were held back by, I'd say let's do it. The money is better spent elsewhere though.
  6. Real Madrid and or Barca are the biggest clubs on the planet, we've obviously had great success in the last 10 years but that doesn't rival the prestige of playing for one of those two clubs. I hope I am wrong, but Hazard seems like the sort of player who wants to develop his name with us then move on.
  7. Hazard will be with us for at least another two seasons. If he carries on improving I can see him off to Real Madrid after that.
  8. Lukaku is better at 21 when Drogba first was when he joined Chelsea. I sincerely hope we don't mess him around, going to one of the best, if not THE best, strikers in the world.
  9. Been subbed for a while, enjoy your FIFA stuff but also a look back at some retro classics.
  10. Would love to sign Shaw, but is ANY left back worth £25m + ??? Seems mad.
  11. Hoping this will be done sooner rather than later!
  12. Think he'll more than likely be on the bench tomorrow, not enough time to train with the team to start this one. Maybe he'll start Swansea.
  13. Cracking business. Sturridge OUT, Ba IN & £4-5m Profit.
  14. Does this mean once he's fit he is staying with us or is he going straight back to Madrid?
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