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  2. 8. Ross Barkley

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  4. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Kante is likable character but if Deschamps needed him around to keep the France squad atmosphere good...then christ, maybe he's got a bigger issue! He trained away from the main squad before the Turkey game. If they won't play an INJURED player, then why didn't they just release him? Could have returned a few days earlier and worked with the club physios to get him back fit rather than wasting time with France knowing he's injured and won't be playing. And it wasn't like France were short on numbers either.
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Eric Cantona was right about Deschamps
  6. 7. N'Golo Kante

    And maybe then Deschamps still wanted him around the group? Who knows? I can still see it from both views, Kante is a likeable character as much as a top top player maybe keeping him around the squad was something he felt was good for them. Lampard obviously is annoyed yes but again, if it was the other way around? Its just one of them things. Wouldnt get too hung up on it, they wont play an injured player and the NT has a medical team too. Theres nothing to say France arent taking that injury serious, I mean did they make him train? Did they want to play him?
  7. Chelsea take on Newcastle this weekend in the Premier League, and it’s hard to not forsee a thrilling game. There’s three points at stake in what should be a brilliant atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. If you have a free bet,and you’re going to use it on this game, back goals. It’s what anyone who has […]View the full article
  8. Chelsea v Newcastle

    ---------------Kepa Azpilicueta - Zouma - Tomori - Emerson Kovacic ------ Jorginho Mount Willian/Pedro ----- Abraham ----- Hudson-Odoi
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Lampard acknowledged Deschamps' comments on Giroud but he is upset over France's treatment of Kante after discovering he got injured at Iceland. It's one thing to joke over the playing time of a player but it's another to not take a player's injury seriously. We don't know what the club medics and France's discussed obviously but why was Kante not released after he picked up the injury against Iceland? What was the point of having him on the bench against Turkey? That is what Lampard's not happy about.
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Id say its pretty similar in a way. Just concerns about playing time. Lampard is concerned because he wants Kante 100% fit to play most weeks for us and Deschamps needs Giroud to play regularly so he is 100% match fit come the international games as he is his man upfront and can justify playing him. Yeah its maybe not as black and white as that and there is a bit of a grey area but at the end of the day, nobody gets exactly what they want everytime with these quarrals you do hear of between NTs and clubs from time to time, both just have to try and work at it until they meet a compromise. Franks looking out for our interests and Deschamps is looking out for France NTs interests. Kante and Giroud are in the middle of it, wouldnt matter whatever player it was its just difference in opinions based on the interest of the club and their NT.
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Little different. Lampard's genuinely concerned for Kante's welfare whereas Deschamps wants us to drop our top scorer to accomodate one of his player's.
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    ⁹To be fair its a 2 way street. Deschamps will complain as Giroud is his number 1 striker most times and isnt playing regularly enough and Frank will complain because Ngolo was there despite being injured. This is nothing new in regards to international and club football clashing.
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I still can't believe how lucky we are to have this guy. Despite the injuries I will still keep for him for many years. Makelele when he came to us was still useful despite his age. Kante can be here and be important to us for many years.
  14. Chelsea v Newcastle

    This will be a very tough game I think. Even for us being at home. They arent on the best run but they showed last week when their backs are against the wall they can perform. I am concerned about us at CB because the guy Joelinton is a very good physical number 9 who has shown promise for them this season. He can be very physical so I hope Zouma and Tomori are up for it. Plus Saint-Maximin is excellent in 1 v 1s, at carrying the ball up the pitch and Almiron has shown he can be a difficult player to play against as well as he is very quick and good in tight spaces. Wont be as easy as many will think so it is essential we get an early goal so they come out and attack us to open up more spaces.
  15. Fever Ray - Falling (Glasser Remix)
  16. Hi Guys, I am from Austria and would like to visit together with three friends the home game of Chelsea against Southampton on 26.12.2019. Of course, we are now considering whether and how we can get tickets. Do you have any advice for me? Do you think that this game comes into the general sale? Or do we have to become members - is it guaranteed that we get our tickets? I would be very grateful for your help. Yours sincerely Daniel
  17. Chelsea v Newcastle

    Frank wasn't asked for injury updates about them and didn't volunteer any.
  18. Chelsea v Newcastle

    What about James and Emerson?
  19. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Deschamps will have those Giroud complaints lined up for next month. [emoji1]
  20. 7. N'Golo Kante

  21. 4. Andreas Christensen

    Out for 2 weeks or so with a hamstring injury.
  22. Chelsea v Newcastle

    Kante not fit for this match due to groin injury. Christensen got a hamstring injury and will be out for 2 weeks. Rudiger not fit yet. Kovacic and Barkley available.
  23. The English Football Thread

    i know this is ancient history, sorry to bring this shit up again, but its the most in depth video ive seen so far of that disgraceful game against Barca at Stamford Bridge in 2009, absolutely spot on, to this day it still boils my blood . No real Chelsea fan will ever forget that daylight robbery, UEFA is rotten and corrupt to the core, Barca is a disgrace of a football club and that cunt Ovrebo can rot in hell for all i care.
  24. Chelsea v Newcastle

    Lampard's pre-match presser will be at 1:30pm UK time today. Should know more about the players' fitness come then...
  25. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Yes but on the other hand, look at the defensive headaches he caused under those previous managers. Some even had to play him in the 'False 9' role just to make sure we were more solid defensively and that he's still in the XI. By that thinking, every attacking player should just stay forward and not drop back when have to defend. My point is, when we have the ball, sure let the attacking players shine but when we don't have the ball and have to defend, the players are expected to do their defensive work (arguably only 2 players in the world have a free role in the team) - be it dropping back or pressing high up the field. Just look at the last game, CHO/Pulisic were dropping back when we had to and were still able to make an impact in the attacking third when we got forward. And yet, you seem to be insisting that if Player A does this, then he can't do that etc.
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