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  2. Next Manager?

    He's lead his team out of the top four three out of the last four season's. He finished 6th with Zlatan leading the line for god sake. Nothing against you but I'm genuinely stunned that there's so many people entertaining the idea of a Jose mark 3 after how it ended with us and United, it would see us away from challenging for years and years and years, will probably be as damaging as Souness's spell at Liverpool was,if not more so.
  3. Kurt Zouma

    he looked oki at Everton, but deffo nowhere near a Koulibaly/Laporte/Marquinhos/José Giménez/Ibrahima Konaté etc level. We so need to grab Konaté in summer 2020
  4. Michy Batshuayi

    That's good to see him taking the initiative. Knowing we have a transfer ban and it is the perfect time for him to step up. Sadly, he has everything he needs to be a top striker. Except a brain.
  5. Today
  6. Michy Batshuayi

    Batshuayi spending his holiday hard at work for the upcoming Premier League season https://www.footballfancast.com/premier-league/chelsea/batshuayi-spending-his-holiday-hard-at-work-for-the-upcoming-premier-league-season While the majority of the footballing world is enjoying their long overdue holiday, Michy Batshuayi is hard at work in order to return to Chelsea as fit as possible. His loan spell at Crystal Palace is now coming to an end and if nothing changes in the meantime, Batshuayi will once again don the blue shirt come August. This 25-year-old shared an Instagram snap showing him knee-deep in training as opposed to many of his teammates relaxing and enjoying their holidays. Last season was a bit rocky for this forward – he managed only 11 appearances for Palace, scoring five goals and ending up with no assists to his name. But still, he split his tenure between the Premier League and La Liga throughout his previous campaigns, spending time at Valencia before joining Crystal Palace, both on loan spells, with mixed results. For the Bats, he played 23 games and scored three goals so a return to England was probably the best move for this young forward. His willingness to work hard even though he could be on a holiday is definitely a step in the right direction. snip
  7. 22. Willian

    one of the BoP's (Board of Puppets) biggest cockups ever. In no order (and only post 2013, so no Shevchenko or Torres, etc) Paying fucking almost fucking £16m for a SIX MONTH LOAN of Higs (salary plus fees) when we could have bought Piatek OUTRIGHT for only £31m Drinkwater SIXTY-NINE MILLION QUID (salary plus fees) for this absolute rotter Selling De Bruyne (FOREVER EARNED MY HATE)<<<< number one rage of entire Roman period Selling Salah (less of fuckup than De Bruyne, due to not as clear he would become a huge top 10 player in the world at the time, but still a HUGE bawbag in the mouth) Morata, as weak as an Essex anorexic 16yo after a purge into her mums loo Baba/Emerson/Zappcosta aka 'How to shit away 60 million quid on 3 dodgy fullbacks in three easy steps' Losing £40 or £50m by waiting to sell Cuntois Buying back Luiz when we could have a far younger, better CB Not selling that cunt Alonso to Madrid for £45 or £50m last year Jury still out on Bakayoko, and Bats, but it looks like DOOM plus most ALL of the botched potential buys (do NOT get me started I will go full stop RADGE, grrrrrrrr) I will give them a pass on the Hazard non-sale as we should only end up with £60 or £70m less than what we could have had if we had sold him last year, ad it is doubtful we would have won the EL, and gotten 3rd place (and thus CL) without him, even with a 'replacement' (unless we went full billy big bollocks and bought Mbappe, which I personally would have done, IF we had wrenched out £190 or £200m for Eden and thus only had to drop around £75m or so more for Kylian). Those extra revenues make up for the loss on Eden sale..
  8. Next Manager?

    If/when the news breaks "Chelsea make formal contact with Derby" etc; that is basically the endgame. That process used to start at the beginning, nowadays it is done once you have already got the managers contract sorted. Lampard and Chelsea I am almost certain, have already spoken, or still are
  9. 22. Willian

    Should have sold him last summer for 60+
  10. Tanguy Ndombele

    Dont go to fucking spuds man
  11. The International Football Thread

    Yet more evidence as to why I hate the Brasilian national team and their cuntish fans. It is always a joy when they crash out of any major tournament. Brazilian fans chant homophobic slur at Copa America opener https://apnews.com/64728a28d7734d888133c89ca707afba SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazilian fans have sung homophobic chants during Copa America’s opening match at the Morumbi stadium. Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe heard the slurs several times Friday, chanted by thousands of Brazil fans behind his goal in Brazil’s 3-0 victory. Homophobic chants were overlooked in South America until recently. They usually take place when the visiting goalkeeper runs to take a goal kick. Brazilian stadia started seeing a wave of homophobic chants after the 2014 World Cup the South American country hosted. Governing body FIFA has repeatedly fined the Brazilian soccer confederation for homophobic chants. snip
  12. 22. Willian

    unfortunately BOTH will happen
  13. Kurt Zouma

    Heard his pass completion against Andorra was above 90%. Can anyone confirm if his distribution has improved?
  14. Next Manager?

    Yeah I have just seen that on SSN.
  15. Next Manager?

    These sorts of rumours doing the rounds do seem to suggest that the club are looking at putting a longer term project in place. It will be intriguing to see if the board have the patience to follow through if this is the route they decide to take.
  16. 22. Willian

    Should have sold him when we could, now with the ban we are stuck with average players, on top of that we give them extensions. Man this rebuild of ours will take a long time this way.
  17. Next Manager?

    Lee Bowyer not extending his contract with Charlton. One of the names mentioned to replace Lampard at Derby apparently?
  18. 5. Jorginho

    You interpret whatever you want, however you want. My point was/is I'm simply intrigue to see how will Jorginho fare outside Sarri's system FOR US, especially when he's been playing in that for so long AT CLUB LEVEL. Stated it from the beginning. Not sure how that got translated to 'Jorginho relies on Sarri's system'. Not sure if it's confirmation bias or you just like getting worked up and having a go at anyone who sees your Sarri in bad light...
  19. Next Manager?

    If Harry Redknapp is saying what he has said then that's a close to the source as you can get really.
  20. 5. Jorginho

    You've implied, on multiple occasions, that Jorginho relies on Sarri's system. I've showed you, that he's been one of the national team's most consistent performers these past couple years, playing in a double pivot under Mancini's philosophy. Don't take my word for it, actually watch Italy or hear what actual Italians have to say about him. 1st name on the team sheet for some. To completely disregard it as evidence as you did, just furthur shows your confirmation bias.
  21. Next Manager?

    Derby are determined to keep hold of Lampard https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11696/11743464/frank-lampard-remains-part-of-long-term-derby-plans-insists-owner-mel-morris
  22. Next Manager?

    Zola will reportedly leave the club after turning down an ambassadorial role. Was clearly brought in to help Sarri to settle in the Premier League etc.
  23. Mario Pašalić

    Atalanta-Chelsea, agreement reached to extend Pasalic’s loan https://gianlucadimarzio.com/en/atalanta-chelsea-agreement-reached-to-extend-pasalics-loan
  24. 5. Jorginho

    There have been/are players who do better for their national team than their club. Just because you said he does well for Italy, I have to take your word for it? Not even sure where you're going with this or why you're getting worked up. Jorginho has mostly been associated with Sarriball in recent years. So is it wrong to just wonder how he'll fare outside of it? For the record, I have never liked or disliked Sarri. Just found his tactics and approach to be one dimensional and even restrictive. And yeah, I know you don't agree with this. So, whatever...
  25. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Crystal Palace have rejected a bid of £50m from Manchester United for Aaron Wan-Bissaka, according to Sky sources. Palace are unhappy with the structure of the bid, which would be an initial £35m plus £15m in add-ons for the 21-year-old right-back. It is understood Palace would accept a straight £50m bid from United for Wan Bissaka.
  26. Tanguy Ndombele

    Tottenham will have to pay up to £63m to land their number one summer transfer target Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon. Sky Sports News understands negotiations between the two clubs are ongoing, although a deal is not close to being agreed. The versatile midfielder, who cost Lyon just £7m last summer, is currently on holiday and will take that time so consider his future before deciding on his return in July.
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