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3rd Captain?

Who should be the third Captain of Chelsea?  

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  1. 1. Choose one option

    • 1. Cech
    • 3. A.Cole
    • 5. Essien
    • 6. Carvalho
    • 10. J.Cole
    • 11. Drogba
    • 13. Ballack
    • 19. Ferreira
    • Other

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John Terry is one of the greatest captains in Chelsea's history, and Lampard, albeit 2 years older, is the vice-captain. These two players are the last remnants of the pre-Abramovich era, but are central to the team in everything they do. So I was thinking, since they are the only 2 players left before Roman took over, who could be the 3rd captain if Lamps and John weren't available.

I have 3 players on my mind:

Drogba -- give him the armband and he will think hes considered highly by the management

Joe Cole -- one of the veterans of the team, even though hes only 27, can make things happen

Cech -- also another veteran, he's very vocal when it comes to his defense.

Who do you think could be our third captain if Lamps and John aren't available?

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Under Grant, Makelele was the third captain and Ballack took the armband when all of Terry, Lampard and Makelele were out of the team. As he's the German national captain, it would only make sense for him to be the third captain. Ashley Cole wore it in the FA Cup in 07/08 against QPR, but Drogba came on and he handed the armband over. Obviously Ancelotti might have different ideas, but Ballack is the best man for the job after Terry and Lampard imo.

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I don't think Essien is vocal enough to be a captain... then again nor is Frank tbh... Ballack or Drogba.. maybe even Ashley Cole would get my vote as 3rd captain.


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