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  1. Definitely going to be Pulisic's new number
  2. Lord have mercy. I know things at Chelsea are bad, but THIS bad? Oh my. I haven't posted in a while but had to log back in to comment on this atrocity. Are those white lines due to a corrupt file or are those idiots at Adidas trolling us?
  3. Those look awful, reminds me of a Christmas sweater
  4. That shit just ruined my evening
  5. Why do we need him if we already have the Chinese Ramos?
  6. It's a shame lampard couldn't be in this picture. Long live the old guard. LEGENDS
  7. I think that moment alone is more satisfying than us lifting the trophy.
  8. Rambo


    B.. But he didn't score a goal?! Not Chelsea quality
  9. I'd say during Carlo's tenure he was playing great for us.
  10. That flag is pretty awesome! Proud to have these Brazilians represent our club.
  11. When Didier, JT and Cech held the trophy together .
  12. Well deserved shout out for Gary. He's one of the few pundits who are objective and call it like they see it. Also very knowledgeable regarding the game of football and makes Jamie Carragher look like an absolute moron which isn't hard to do under any circumstance.
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