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Is Kurt Zouma the New Desailly?


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Zero fouls conceded in 597 minutes of football, for a centre-back... a young centre-back... is a very rare achievement, but it is something that 20-year-old Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma has accomplished.

After racking up his sixth clean sheet in just nine appearances against Everton on Wednesday night, Opta powered fantasy football game www.oulala.com decided it was time that they took a closer look at the young Frenchman's performance statistics, specifically in the Premier League and Champions League this season.

Zouma's 87.5% pass completion sits narrowly above the overall Chelsea average of 86%. The defender has completed a total of 297 passes in his 9 appearances, an average of 45.5 passes every 90 minutes.

The Frenchman's tackle success of 50% again edges the team average of a surprisingly low 44.6%. At a height of 6ft 2 it is no shock that he is also well ahead of the overall team average of 56.3% for aerial duels won with an impressive 72.5%. His ground duel success is slighter lower, yet still superb, at a rate of 68.1%, again above the team average of 52.6%.

In his Premier League and Champions League appearances this term the 20-year-old has made 3 blocks, 6 interceptions and 24 clearances.

With comparisons already being made to legendary ex-Chelsea and France centre-back Marcel Desailly, from what we've seen so far of the young Zouma, the future appears very bright for Les Bleus....

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Either the people who compare Desailly to Zouma are racist or they don't know anything about what Desailly was as a player. They are nothing close to similar when analyzing their individual games. He's black and french and plays for Chelsea but the similarities stop there. Desailly was very good on the ball, many forget when he was winning European cups with Milan he played defensive midfielder. At Chelsea he also played sweeper, I can't imagine in 100 years Jose playing Zouma as a sweeper, he's not good enough on the ball. That is the component of Desailly's game that made him so good, he was able to break up a ton of moves and play it out the back like a midfielder.

If you are looking for a CB to compare him to who was big and black and played in London the answer is Sol Campbell. Much closer comparison than Desailly...

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He's still a little raw, but he doesn't get flustered by mistakes and usually makes up for them, i also suspect he might have a bit of talent with the ball once he's given license to carry it.

His heading is superb, like hes on a trampoline

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Kurt Zouma is already a reality. A TOP Centre-back for the next decade.

If I had to compare him with other Centre-backs I would choose Desailly, Carles Puyol and Samuel Kuffour, and for his great speed of reaction with Gallas.

1. Very fast to the shock, very fast in anticipation, in reaction and its movements on the pitch.

2. A very blunt player. Zouma defends in a similar way like Carles Puyol. Very strong when he attacks the rivals, but forcefulness without aggressiveness. I think Zouma is a player with great nobility in his way of playing. He is not a player who can be prone to red cards. He is aggressive without violence, and that will allow him to be a great player because he will accumulate very few yellow and red cards.

3. Now he plays quiet. At the beginning of the season he played doubting himself. Kurt is now full of confidence. He plays like a veteran, he is not afraid to make important decisions.

4. Zouma plays with intelligence. He never is precipitated in his actions, and expects the best time to attack the balloon.

5. He has an impressive jump. It reminds me, and not just physically, Samuel Kuffour (Bayern Munich 1996-2005). He has a power and forcefulness similarly.

6. It also has a mind that lets you learn very quickly. In just a few months training every day with Jose, Kurt has improved his performance spectacularly Better and better every day. His future with us will be spectacular. In addition, he has a great mental strength. After his failure at Old Trafford, the most normal thing was that he would have been demoralized. However, this mistake has made him mentally more stronger. It is not easy recover from a failure in a great match for such a young guy.

I think Zouma is no longer a promise, Zouma is already a reality, a great reality. A TOP Centre-back for the next decade.

Zouma will be part of our history. Jose`s player 100%.

We can be very happy and proud of Kurt.

Regards to ALL.

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He needs more games.

You can see his decision-making is not that great yet. Times when he should just clear the ball - he didnt. Times where he can retain possession of the ball - he clears it. Aerial duets - he doesnt win all of them either for his height and physicality.

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I still can't over his leaping ability, it's outrageous. How does he stay in the air for so long?

Hoverboard technology in his cleats. His legs are also the size of fucking palm tree trunks.

Personally having not seen Desailly play live I certainly hope comparisons from the media in particular don't stem from the fact they are both big black Frenchmen. What an asinine method for comparing people. So many people did the same to Lukaku/Drogba and Lucas Piazon/Kaka. It's not racist by any means, I'm not saying that but comparing people due to their looks is crazy.

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I must admit at the start of the season not understanding just why he didnt go out on loan. I thought he was far too fresh and wasnt even sure he was upto Chelsea level. When he was first teamed with Cahill they had an awful game. They looked nervous,lost and Cahill backed away from every ball that came in the box. I put it down at the time to Cahill having to watch Happys back. But then he played a blinder with JT.

Ive watched him alot this season and I now love him. For such a big lad hes nippy. He gets amazing air, very calm for a youngun and the size of his head makes it a great target for crosses and set pieces.

I would happily donate my left dangley to see him paired with Varane in blue. Just imagine it eh. They would be our mainstay for years to come. If Mous plan to have a team thats going to grow and dominate over years then our central defence has always been a major part of Chelsea.

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