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  1. Liked for the second sentence.But disagree with first. If he thought it's ok to move to title rival he could have just announced it outright - and I'm sure there would've been less resentment than now. It's lyng and piling one cover story upon the other that makes the whole story so ugly. At least as I see it.
  2. Not mistake but choice. Coupled with some outright lying, and not only to Chelsea fans.
  3. Don't want. We need a reliable 3rd striker.
  4. Damn. Very upset for Boro, mostly because of Karanka and the way they played in a few matches I've watched them But I guess they threw it away themselves dropping from fist place to playoffs zone in the first place.
  5. No offence, but sometimes I find it hard to understand if you're trolling or being serious
  6. Exactly. With all due respect, he was 2 minutes away from being sacked last season, so with this year trophyless this was expected.
  7. If anyone finds a link to rewatch the full celebration as shown by NBC (I guess it was their stream with an almost hour-long coverage and all interviews, lap of honor and all that) - the link will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Trying too hard once more, even in such simple thing as congratulations. I personally wouldn't have been half as upset if he would just keep his mouth shut throughout the season instead of trying to be good to everyone.
  9. darrus


    Too heard it's something with his kidney. Which is no good in any way, especially if it happened so suddenly. Though I'd think the fact that there are no more reports and no obvious urgency points to the fact that it's not so bad. If it was something dangerous we'd probably have heard it already. Fingers crossed.
  10. He'd better not. He has nothing to do with our win and it will be pure disrespect to his current team. He *is* a City player.
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