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  1. Wtf is he. How does he con people into thinking he is a footballer.
  2. The board ratio of closing deals is like 5%, so fukin useless. Its been like this for years
  3. The white lukaku who can't even finish. All he does is lose the ball. Send him off to Italy in Jan and cut loses.
  4. 2 weeks of the snake trying to brainwash him in the national team...
  5. As is Luiz and Christensen. Pretty frustrating coming form years of Bran, Terry, and Cahill.
  6. Hate to generalise, but these situations mostly always happens with south American players. They are way too disloyal.
  7. Because of its a load of shit. he willingly signed a contract extension after his kids were born.
  8. Or the more likely scenario, the board don't know how to negotiate.
  9. Do people not realize he wants to leave? Potential is pointless, he will never achieve it if he's thinking of leaving
  10. Captaincy is one thing we can offer him that Madrid can't. That's assuming cahill is out.
  11. Rumours only started when Wenger announced his leaving. I think his off to arsenal.
  12. Does he think his cool getting these pointless yellow cards...
  13. My heart will shatter when I wake up to find cahill starting.
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