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  1. Not sure how Chelsea is going to compete. Hazard is the least of the club’s issues. The rest of the team is midtable at best and that includes Kante in his current position. Its the board and its transfer policy that has been causing this problem. Aside from CHO the young talent is garbage.
  2. Belief matters to a point. As I mentioned to another poster I had better technique than he did at age 12. His technique is shit. He got anyway with things at Juventus and Real because there was plenty of talent to make up for his inefficiencies and he was never relied upon to lead the line. He does nothing to fix the problem. I don’t blame Hazard for not trusting him it’s like playing with a shit version of Torres, who compounds matters by flopping everywhere.
  3. He’s got worse technique than I did when I was 12, and no I didn’t play professionally.
  4. He’s terrible. One of the worst players I’ve ever seen put on this shirt. He’s clumsy and has the strength of a 5 year old girl and flops like a fish.
  5. One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen in the PL. Should have been sent off, missed a penalty, and completed zero passes in 90 minutes.
  6. Stop signing Spanish born strikers ffs! Morata is the typical players who looks good at Real because there are so many good players, but the spotlight shines on them to take control they wither away. It’s too bad Napoli won’t Chelsea anymore players as Dries would a better stop gap 9 until a top striker becomes available.
  7. Do you blame him? The club is in utter shambles at the moment.
  8. He does need to leave as things have gotten stale. That being said I think the short term behavior has finally caught up and unless a manager is brought in to foster youth development and long term development of the club things are going to be difficult for quite some time.
  9. That’s because there are absolute weapons posting
  10. Ahh yes, there it is Messi, Ronaldo, er al. do it all by themselves. They don’t have world class teammates and they pass the ball to themselves because they can do it all with no help. Yes, Hazard has no incentive to play he’s only doing it for the pay check. Sure players come and go it doesn’t justify giving the middle finger to your players or your managers. Chelsea is heading quickly down the Arsenal path.
  11. Commits to what exactly? A board that rotates managers more than fast food employees? Or a board that screws the manager by giving a colossal pile of shit in the transfer after winning the title? The management at this club is unstable. It’s only going to get worse. Why should any player have to play for a club with a revolving door of managers? The whole thing is disgraceful and shambolic.
  12. The problem with Hazard as a false 9 is that he’s getting mostly route 1 balls, which basically minimizes the chance that Chelsea will maintain possession. The rest of the team hasn’t shown the ability to bring the ball up, pass to Hazard at the edge of the 18, and make runs into the box to be played through. It appears that spending has been reigned in but the young potential talent hasn’t been brought into the team as needed. Granted getting De Bruyne and Courtois for less than 14 million pounds in total was the steal of the century. It just doesn’t seem that Chelsea h
  13. Midfield is shit and passing from the back is horrible. Willian was giving the ball because Kante Moses etc. were making poor passes to him with 2-3 Man United playing hanging off of him. Tactics by Conte are atrocious.
  14. Conte misused Michy. I find hilarious that people complain about Batshuayi’s consistency when Conte plays him 15-30 seconds. This quite similar to Mourinho KDB situation. And no Michy isn’t as good as Kevin but he’s a lot better than the scraps Conte gave him.
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