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  1. when Hazard picked Chelsea, did that diminish his class? a lot more come to play when players are making their choice. it could money, allure of epl, desire to live in London etc
  2. Are you aware Pullsic was on a yellow card and had been kicked blue and black that he could barely walk off the pitch when substituted? we were more offensive immediately the changes were made anyway.
  3. Mike Emenalo: As a Nigeria international capped 14 times by his country, Michael Emenalo faced Diego Maradona when their countries met at the 1994 World Cup, but it was an encounter after the game that sticks in his mind. Emenalo was selected with Maradona to undergo the mandatory doping test following the 2-1 win for Argentina in Foxborough, Massachusetts. It was the test that would discover the banned stimulant ephedrine in Maradona’s system, ending his World Cup and his 17-year international career. “I was sat in the corridor with him a
  4. so what do you say to 3-0 and West Ham coming back. Not saying Lampard is a complete manager but there is no magic wand out there and the gulf has been closed by the lesser teams. If Lampard had lost 6-1 and bottled a 3-0 lead all guns would be out blazing. This is the same Spurs that probably have a better balanced side and a defensive minded, world class manager. Moral: support your team and hope the players turn up on the day. The grass is always greener on the other side. By the way, the clamour for Poch is laughable.
  5. what do you want the manager to do, these players have come in and changed the games at times, you are as good as the tools you have. I was actually shocked when people here slated FL for not starting Pulisic against Liverpool, there are players that are impact players, Ole hardly ever started in his days at United but is still deemed a great striker. Pulisic starts the next match and bam poor outing, starts the next and is injured. we are building a new team and we need patience and understand that on the day your players can let you down. We lost to the best striker on the the day, would hav
  6. what do you expect with 2 injuries and 3 players on yellow cards?
  7. you lot were pleading for him to come in for Mount, he's been so poor since he got back from injury. Mount you can't fault his commitment and he scores goals, not a lot from Cho apart from pulling his shorts down
  8. I always rated him and believe he would deliver. critics believe shelling out guarantees success, but we have seen Sutton Shevshenko, Falcao, Torres, Morata and Hiquan in the past. Giroud, Morata and Hiquain between them scored 12 premiership goals last season and we are finding it difficult to appreciate this poacher?
  9. like Drogba and Costa did? how many top strikers have we had that scored hat trick against all the top 6? some strange targets there. its no coincidence that our highest that our highest score lines have been against sides like Wigan, Vill and Sunderland, when we had Drogba, Anelka, Malouda, Kalou and Sturbridge. Give this boy a chance and enjoy the transition. he's already scored more EPL goals than Morata, Hiquan and Giroud individually did last season and we are in September.
  10. cost us what? Tammy bearing injury would score more than Morata, Hiquain and Giroud scored in the EPL last season (12). Tammy is our best striker at the moment, he has an opportunity to improve and become a top striker, the least we fans can do is be positive and encourage him. we can't buy a new striker, we have Michy and Giroud as options, common.
  11. I sometimes wonder what some fans smoke, for many years we've longed for a manager that will give the kids a chance. Tammy will come good if he gets enough opportunities this season, he would probably score more goals in League than Morata and Higuain did last season. This is a transitional season and we should encourage and back the boys, if we get it right we have striker for the next 8-10 Years. Hitting the woodwork against Man U on Sunday and keeping us in the game against Liverpool is a good start. watch the goals fly in but 1st the crosses.
  12. most of you made his life difficult, hope we don't regret this. It is mad to complain as much and kick the guy around in his 1st season, like Mourinho said about Drogba's signing 'judge him when he leaves'. this guy could have built something great here. he stabilised the club, no drama like Jose and to a less extent Conte. I saw every game at home and a few away, first 10 games were good, then like all marathons, blips and turns but we came 3rd, lost on penalty to the treble champions in the c cup and won the Europa. How many of those players would Juve, Real and Barcelona come knocking for?
  13. You are as good as what is in front of you, with the return of Morata 5, Higuain 5 and Giroud 2 it was a miracle we came 3rd but winning Europa and Carobo finals confirm it wasn't a fluke.
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