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  1. Right personnel but wrong formation i think. This is most probably our line up against Hull ---------------------Courtois------------------------- Azpi----------Cahill--------Luiz-----------Alonso --------------Kante---------Matic------------------- Willian----Hazard-----Diego Costa----Moses I think its a 4-2-4, our first time to use it from the start in the league. I like this setup because it takes only a substitution of either moses or willian to change to the 3-4-3 which we used in the second half vs Arsenal
  2. Aye!!! Are we signing everyone now?
  3. It actually does bcoz he will be 4th or 5th striker. You have benzema, ronaldo, bale, jesse and morata. ronaldo or bale is moved to no.9 when benzema is injured. With the introduction of isco, james or vasquez on the wing as replacement. So morata may be a no.9 but he is competing with forwards more experienced than him.
  4. No one is selling costa and he is our no. 1 striker. Having costa, morata and batshuayi could give us one of the best strike force in EPL for years to come. Imagine if we had signed a young suarez or aguerro or torres before his peak. Now we have such an opportunity even after a rotten season. This imo is an opportunity to have two amongst the worlds best young strikers in batsman and morata. We are as good as certain to sign a midfielder and a defender. We should spend up to 150m pounds after all we also have fringe players to sell to reduce our net spend.
  5. After finishing 10th in EPL and setting so many negative records i dont mind us signing morata who has proved himself on the biggest stage at an early age for a huge fee because we need to react after a rotten season. If he leads us to UCL final like mandzukic at bayern and juve i wouldnt mind. Its unproven players like andre gomes that i do not want us to overpay for. Look how much manu have and are still spending in desperation since end of fergie era. We realistically need to spend at all costs on proven players or players with pedigree to get back up.
  6. I pray we dont spend such money on any player this window. No available player is worth that 85m euros in this transfer window pogba inclusive and andre gomes is certainly not worth 53m euros. We dont even need him imo we have loftus cheek. kante and koulibaly are players we must sign, morata would be ok only at 40m pounds or less. We should wait for next window the right player might become available at reasonable price hopefully by then we will be laughing at manu and city with their so called big money signings flopping hard ala torres, sterling, luke shaw (so far).
  7. while he shares some similarities to wilfried bony i think batsman is faster, more mobile, likes to use his strength and dribbles more. I also see similarities to obafemi martins, the nigerian striker formerly at inter milan and newcastle united. But batsman has more finesse and composure
  8. I think he will also be one of the players to benefit the most from pedro signing. His goals and assists will surely increase. Willian however will be an important option in away games especially or when oscar is tired or not in good form. Any update on his injury?
  9. you may pick out the comas and full stop from my posts but many still believe had drogba not been sent off in ucl final against manutd and played john terry's penalty which he would have done we would have won that game, so giving an important player of your opposition a red card in a big game is ofcourse a big impact usually but my main point is that for his age such stat is a B+ or more when you look around the league and see that arsenal have not scored us in 2 seasons(2 yrs.) and man united have scored us only 2 goals in that period.....so i say yes bcoz some will do most things to have su
  10. 2 goals and a superb performance for a 20 yr old against a great juve midfied isn't bullocks. Others include a goal and 2 assists against spurs, 3 assists against manutd, 2 goals against arsenal, a goal and 2 assists against liverpool, won a penalty against PSG and also got Ibra sent off in UCL. All these in the last 3 yrs and while he is only 23 yrs and below in the toughest league in the world. I think his career is actually just starting. If no one criticizes or talks about you that means you are nobody....criticism is very welcome.
  11. Unofficially isn't binding...anyway mourinho gave him his debut and regards him highly or he would be on loan. Costa is undoubtedly first Choice.
  12. I think traore is like a new signing and going forward he is a much better fit than pedro for the EPL and chelsea. Let's not forget pedro is quite small and will be mostly used against smaller clubs to provide penetration and not in big games therefore we do not really need him since we found several ways of winning small clubs last season. Mourinho has been looking for a player like traore for the right wing and I think he is happy we have such a player now. You only have to see how much man utd signed memphis depay(£25m?) to really appreciate that we have him. He is younger than depay and wa
  13. Mourinho only wants one more signing, a defender...according to sky sports news
  14. I think some people don't have a total view of how good our team is....fortunately Mourinho does. Bringing big name signings that are not really needed can only disrupt the flow of this already great squad. A central defender, a left back if luis goes, a high scoring right winger plus a quality central midfielder are all that we need. But we are not desperate by any means so we only replace when somebody leaves and mourinho knows this because looking at the profile of our team which is still young we don't need older players to come in and disrupt our growing team so naturally as a result of b
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