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  1. With Jose the club as a whole is going in a good direction, in 2 years maybe we could be as dominant as Bayern but only if we don't sell our top players. Mata can kiss goodbye to his starter days but I think he could still play a significant part in the club's success because although he isn't Mourinho's type of player, he is still top footballer and could win us many, many points if plan A is not working in a particular game.
  2. He can do so much more with what he has, he seems afraid and lacks confidence and self-esteem. Every pass is backwards, never goes at players even tho he usually has plenty of opportunities to go 1v1. If we are to win the title Mourinho has to integrate him better because the difference right now between him and Mata and the elite squad (Oscar, Willian) is too big.
  3. RamiCFC9


    Chelsea's most complete player, 2 assists, 1 goal for 40 minutes, not to mention the usual godlike linkup play, pressing, tackles and duels won. I've always thought Mata was big fish in a small pond, especially last year. The team is much more gelled and competitive with Oscar. First half was last year's Chelsea with Mata and second half was this year's Chelsea with Oscar, the difference is obvious both in game play and points won.
  4. Lol imagine if Pep really takes Brazil.World cup 2014 final - Brazil vs Spain, the biggest game in history.
  5. Once again Ill say Iam little disappointed RDM wasn't here long enough for all to see this wasn't a "blip" but the guy was plainly clueless.It's ok however, Robbie still has good image, you still have your delusions and we have a 10x better manager and Iam happy with that.When I started watching football regularly, Chelsea already were bought by Roman and were already top team.The difference between new and old fans is that, the younger generation doesn't take fails as lightly as the old ones and there's nothing wrong with that as far as Iam concerned.Big teams always have fans who have big ex
  6. Roman sacked RDM because, the later had no idea what to do with this squad.How can you have less possession with this squad against Liverpool, Swansea a teams average at best.It's not just the negative results but the negative play.For example the first game in this season (the Wigan game), I was clearly dissapointed even tho we won because we played like championship side and you can bet Roman was 3x more pissed off.
  7. How am I supposed to answer you really.It's like when I was saying we are playing shit under RDM and someone asked me how would I change that.Sorry but iam no football manager and no Roman Abramovic.
  8. As RyanDavidson said :" I'd rather the club won trophies and was recognized as a successful club than kept managers for 10 years. If anyone else would rather a manager in charge for 10 years and not as many trophies then they are fucking retarded. Also being honest, Robbie isn't as a great a manager as you think, he won us the CL which we are all grateful for but his tactical knowledge was useless, every team we've played, we've gave time and space on the ball this season. If some of the finishing was better, we'd be 7th or 8th not 3rd." If you want Robbie to stay and we play shit almost every
  9. Yes indeed Reus and Willian are playing better right now, but patience ! I would pick Hazard over them both any day of the week.RDM's deep defending was very dire for Hazard and I fully understand him, now let's see how we'll do under Rafa.RDM's tactics needed players that are clinical and that imo comes with maturing (Drogba).I don't expect at the age of 21 Hazard to be as clinical its virtually impossible.Look at Shakhtar and Dortmund, they create far more chances per game compred to us, if Hazard was in one of these teams, god help.
  10. Well this may sound very. very crazy but : Benitez has no time to experiment, he's given 6 months and in that period he needs to WIN GAMES and fast.Anyone else thinking Sturridge reminds of young Torres when he came from Spain ? Rafa also had almost 2 years to analyze players and teams, won't be too surprising if he came to the conclusion that Torres is obviously quite past it.I wouldn't be surprised if Sturridge becomes our number 1 striker, atleast till January when a future Falcao deal looks inevitable. p.s. If Benitez is to stay he needs to do something marquee with the squad, example is R
  11. If we finish third in the group, with Benitez and Falcao, we would probably just walk through UEL.I think with so many new players in this squad we need to win a cup or two to install the winning mentality the old guard had.
  12. Chanting "RDM" is ok, the man deserves it.I just don't wanna hear fans booing Benitez.
  13. After 3 years ( including Carlo's last season) we finally have a real manager and it didn't need much time for Fergie to start mind games.
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