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  1. Legend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSEFR2sGPc0
  2. Kinol

    Didier Drogba

    Having Drogba as an option on the bench, thats what I call a good squad player. Someone that can come in during crucial times and make a difference. Would take him over Torres anyday.
  3. A good squad player is someone that can come in and make a difference on the pitch. Torres is not that player.
  4. This is why I love Mourinho
  5. It was Lukakus own decision to be loaned out.
  6. How did he do against Napoli?
  7. He would be perfect for the piviot and could also work as an number 10 if Oscar needs a rest. Would love to see him here!
  8. Well, lets write another song then, like the Willian song
  9. So we still havent accepted United bid? It may all just be a troll by Jose to just drag this out to the last day and then at the end just pull out of everything and leave United w/o any signing during this windom. :Goober:
  10. Yeah, in a top game when we are desperate for a goal and need a super sub lets put on Torres!!!
  11. Everyone that supports Torres and our other strikers should check out the video on this link. Neville and Carragher totaly tells the thruth.
  12. Playwise he wasnt bad, but he simply missed to many chances.
  13. We may have lots of talanted players but as a team we are worthless. We dont deserve this at all. Please dont come with any "We missed lots of chances" complaints because thats just bullshit.
  14. Taking off Schurrle for Etoo was the biggest mistake of the game.
  15. Nice quotes from Mourinho popping up on my Twitter page. No more "We we're the better team, we deserved too win" bullshit. Seems like he's really mad about the performance and we will defidently see a change.
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