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  1. Playing Kai is alright but Werner is getting special treatment.Puli is fresh and was our mainthreat vs the duds in the first game. having no proper dribbler in the team is gonna kill us. Only way i can see this working out is if we score early and can hit them on the break whole game.
  2. Madrid team is significantly stronger than in the first leg. Possibly their bext xi but the 3 newcomers might not be 100% sharp yet. we have to exploit that and hammer them with our running and pressing.
  3. Why is pulisic not starting over werner? weird lineup. also don't like azpi as wing back at all.
  4. Trying to imagine Toni Kroos being hyper aggressive lol.
  5. Only when he signs that new contract. I really hope the club don’t bottle this. I understand them being cautious with the 18 months contract at first but if they don’t see how this is a match made in heaven by now they are lost.
  6. We tore them apart at 0-0 as we did at 1-0 and created chances en masse . Other then the dippers we did not struggle to create at all to unlock them. I am fairly confident we can do so again. In fact under TT apart from the fgamew be Spurs and wolves which were early on, we never failed to create at least 3 huge chances and a couple of almost huge chances were the penultimate ball was lagging. The problem remains the finishing. If we make a meal out of it again it can still be a tight rope this. But if we one time have our shooting boots and this can easily be a thumping.
  7. Shocking they have not injured a city player which is their only intention here anyway, the one good thing to come out of this is this bitchy immature pathetic PSG side probably dissolving without a big title. All that money for a handful of worthless farmers league trophies.
  8. The worst is psg did not even make it a fight and tire city a bit for Saturday. They will be fresh as fuck.
  9. over an out. uefa have have clearly made their mind up about who they want to win this competition.
  10. neymar what a selfish ego punk had to openings there but shot the ball into the block what a tool
  11. the ref ist taking the piss here. paredes gets pushed down then gets the foul called against him.
  12. Yeah but they are a better counter attack side than we are. Faster and more clinical
  13. Just as I said when the draw was made. We will face City a third time in the space of a few weeks in the CL final. Would be an absolute marvel if we can beat them 3 times in a row.
  14. Isn't Hakimi a wing back first and foremost? Neither Bayern nor Nagelsmann usually play with wingbacks. If we were to continue with our 3-4-3, i would not mind him here either.
  15. Belgian football ppl are a curious bunch when it comes to loyalty. Apparently applies to fans as well, remember how many Belgians we had on this forum when Eden & company were still here? Anyway I hope we catch a rare ruthless patch in the game tomorrow and absolute ravage them. chances will be there aplenty.
  16. where did you read this? there never was a multi billionaire named Steven Hopkins. 4th richest man in the world in 2012 was Bernard Arnault.
  17. How's fornals not sent off? dirtiest tackle ever
  18. can someone please beam in Willock lol
  19. honestly just missed an empty goal. werner vibes
  20. why dafuq is Chris wood man marking michael antonio while tarkowski is twiddling thumbs ffs. burnelyare so tactically inept it would be funny if we didnt want them to win.
  21. Don't expect anythign from West Spams opponents they are all on the beach. the only ones i have remote hope of doing stuff is everton but after how they handed the towl vs villa those hopes are shrinking by the hour
  22. back on topic watched the re-live and can't help but see similarities in Kerr-Werner both very quick, great movement and runs, nice unselfish-passes but not so sharp finishing. Kerr is obviously a lot more clinical this season tho. But the biggest individual issue i see with our ladies is Millie Bright. Her positioning as absolutely terrible. Worse than Zouma's. I have not seen a Chelsea match without her committing at least 3 absolutely terrible positioning errors. She frequently is found in no-mans land, jumps under headers and has been at fault for loads of goals conceded without her p
  23. son 2-0 anyway sheff were hardly a stumbling block
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