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  1. -------------Kepa------- ---James--Chris--Zouma--- CHO---Kova(if fit)-Billy---Emerson -----Ziyech--------Puli------------- -------------Tammy----------- that team would get wrecked lol. Guess we are gonna see basically the same team as today and Zouma, Reece, Puli and possibly Kepa in. We have to massively rest player here or vs Arsenal anyway tho
  2. Rather lose this than the CL final. Would take a draw. Will be interesting who will be more up for it. City with half their ass on the beach but well rested after that wellness jog with PSG or us after the toughest of nights
  3. This. Clutch time is still to come. We are slight favourites vs Leicester and massive outsiders vs City. Our league run-in could not be harder compared to the Spammers' so the team will have to grow even more. In the end it will also be a huge physical burden.
  4. This He was immense today. Even improved his final third passing a fair bid. Defensively he owned the shit out of Kroodric. We need to get a backup and potential successor badly even if we do rather continue with two ball playing no. 8 in the middle in most games we need this type of player for certain game situations like today. Whether we need to go onto the transfer market or can use Billy/Gallagher or some other acadmey graduate i am not 100% sure yet.
  5. Keep calm, we have won nothing yet. The big ones are yet to come. It is a great moment but my celebrations will be subdued until we lift the damn trophies.
  6. What a signing. He and Silva are the most important upgrades on what we had last season. Best thing is he is hitting is absolute best form right at the business end of the season. Mentality monster with his sharp commands after great saves.
  7. Disasterclass in finishing. tbf only one was guilt edged, two were just extremely unlucky. Still does not look good through with 2 and then shoot straight at the goalie. has to work on this.
  8. Was impressed how he stayed composed and picked the right pass when it looked like the opporunity was gone.
  9. By far! We have to pull it off first tho. Winning the FA cup will be huge for our CL chances. Would give us that last bit of extra confidence
  10. The crazy thing is this team is only about to peak in 2-4 years and we are already the 2nd best in the world on current form
  11. Criminal we did not get a pen in the last minute either . Ref completely saved reals ass
  12. We did score kinda early and were able to play on the break all the time. So under the conditions for it to pay off it was the right selection but it was a gamble
  13. Saved the day. Should have started but was brilliant when he came on
  14. That was the worst finishing performance this season after several disaster classes. We will not get away with this in the final till then get in!!!!’
  15. That cunt of a red did. his best ovrobo impersonation but for naught. Love it when we win vs uefa
  16. The corrupted ref spared real a massive thumping here
  17. The crossbar ones were bad luck but the last one was absolutely criminal
  18. We could be up here by 10 goals on aggregate ffs
  19. It doesn’t matter. You need a red to be banned for the final. 2 yellows can only be slight problem when you get a third in the final you miss the first group game of next season.
  20. If we could this would have been won in the first leg. Heck we might have top 4 secured as well if only... anyway. Real are much more of a threat then in the first leg today. Need to shut up shop back there and use our next breakaway. There will be plenty. Make it count ffs
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