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  1. Yeah we can’t let it come to a shootout in the cl final. Pep usually crushed those
  2. Whenever Christensen gets fouled in a dangerous position he injured himself and we concede a goal. Same vs villa. Ref does not care.
  3. Shit another Christensen error injury that costs a goal
  4. I wonder why CHO is not given crack when rn and Ziyech both are this out of form
  5. Werner scores just so many offside goals lol
  6. Yup. Pulisic is still dangerous but Ziyech is plain useless
  7. Anthony Taylor is a c*nt, Pope still catholic
  8. Alonso is still absolute shite even fully rested
  9. Expect more of this shit in the cl final
  10. Ziyech passing has turned to shit somehow after October
  11. Not surprised this is not given as a red . City are the biggest ref favourites after manure
  12. Ziyech is useless should be cho that is a red
  13. Yeah i am confident TT knows what he is doing and hope everyone will be as fit as possible for the FA Cup final.
  14. Kante and Werner both have monumental endurance so I guess they dont need the rest that much. have been happy to play thorugh a lot of games this season.
  15. that is City's b team... still ridiculously strong.
  16. He did not feature in the any of the CL finals so far tho. Still his experience might be helpful. really hope he is fit. not sure he will play tho. guess the next few games will decide.
  17. In Bundesliga, Tuchel faced Pep twice with Mainz (a relegation cadidate TT lead in to Europa league and stabilised in midtable overall) and twice with a depleted BVB side. 3 of those 4 games were very narrow (1-0, 2-1, 2-1 and 4-1 for bayern) still. I would not read too much into that. I can't remember the draw tho.
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