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  1. Always the bridesmaid never the bride it seems...
  2. Well United doing us zero favours as expected.
  3. If that pen doesn't say Aguero is coming here - I don't know what does
  4. Said a while back thought we could finish 3rd - I hope it comes true Think Arsenal will be flat now- nothing to play for, so we have to beat them. If we then beat Leicester, I think it's secured. Leicester could lose out to Liverpool if they aren't careful.
  5. Yup 100% but Zouma was lucky. Thankfully Sterling has no first touch...
  6. Massive massive massive win. Unbelievable. Absolutely fucking loving it
  7. I reckon Pep will do a Klopp and tinker before the final. Whilst we won't. I think we stand a great chance over 90 mins
  8. Something I just remembered and fair play to him Glenn Hoddle called this around 6-8 weeks ago on BT Sport. He said Chelsea can win this competition. The other pundits smiled and I thought, bit strong mate, but lo and behold- here we are, 90 mins away from it. Fair play to Hoddle. You could argue he started the modern day era of Chelsea.
  9. Yeah they will wangle out of it somehow
  10. Mount finally. Amazing by Pulisic
  11. Ref is buying everything. I have some blockbuster shares he might like
  12. Thanks for listening TT. Stay tuned for more management tips
  13. Bring fucking PULISIC ON NOW TT!!!
  14. Get Pulisic on FFS he can hit the target
  15. Yup agree- he seems to encourage petulant prima donnas. Let's make it an all English final in UCL and Europa League. I clearly hate all of the other teams, but will support them getting to the final as it's more beneficial for our League. It shows the quality is improving and those 1 team leagues are slipping behind (except Spain)
  16. After seeing the disgraceful behaviour of the PSG players - I feel I have misjudged TT. What a bunch of petulant wankers. I bet they didn't listen to anything he said. Well done to City. Total professionalism. I expect the same antics from Real Madrid tomorrow night. I just pray we get a decent performance from the Ref. UEFA should fine PSG - some awful challenges at the end and brought the game into disrepute.
  17. Yup need to make it count now
  18. Watched on the ipad as stuck with pretty limited Internet. Thought the team played well with the defenders bombing forward. Very disciplined performance- shame we didn't create a bit more, but professional performance and the train is rolling onwards.
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