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  1. The reaction at rawk when they don't get an announcer wanking over them "The pundit on there is an absolute c*nt. Worst pundit I've ever seen, he's completely clueless and talking utter bilious shite."
  2. Courtois Brana-Brana-Brana-Brana Brana-Costa-Mikel Costa-Costa-Costa
  3. I think they might retire that number for all the wrong reasons
  4. Wow that's racist and off topic. I hope Costa can play well for us I'm mostly concerned about him being able to hold up the ball and I feel like we need a forward to be do that for us.
  5. Pretty soon southampton will have to pull guys off the street to fill a starting XI if they keep this kinda thing up. To liverpool for 7 million is what I've heard
  6. I feel like they had two ideas for the shirt and were kinda just like fuck it lets mix em.
  7. Ya I could totally see him starting over Fabregas :confused: . But seriously he could maybe play for a Championship side or a low Premier League team but I didn't feel that he played well this World cup and maybe couldn't even make that.
  8. I'm gonna be confused to see our keeper without Cech's hat.
  9. Haven't posted here for a long time but I thought I would say something after I heard the news. Walking out with Lampard vs Inter Milan when Chelsea came to LA has been something I'll never forget. Maybe someday he'll come back as a coach.
  10. In 40 or so years when Chelsea are winning cups left and right I can tell my grandchildren that I was watching when Chelsea won their first Champions league.
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