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  1. It’s been 3 full seasons Chelsea last won the domestic crown. Ever since, 3 managers have taken charge at Stamford Bridge with mixed success; until José Mourinho returned to the club that he had been the manager of from 2004 to 2007. Chelsea ended the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons 25 and 14 points below the top of the table respectively. This gap must be taken into consideration in light of recent criticism aimed towards Jose Mourinho as he is being pressured to modify the club's footballing philosophy. This article is a short chronology summarizing the work made by Andre Villas Boas, Roberto D
  2. Aren't 14 points lost from winning positions last season enough to prove that winning games isn't about scoring the first goal ? Mata creates chances but contributes to inbalance the team otherwise. A genuine team player is the one who's able to work for the team and create goals. And it's hard to hit 20 goals/50 assists by doing the dual role, in case of Mata, he obviously did only once of the two. I don't want to blame Mata who's not responsible of the way he was played for two seasons. But look at the WH away defeat last season which is a textbook example of what was our issue last season:
  3. Don't know if you'll be able to watch the video outside France but I was on TV discussing the matter of Oscar/Mata, on French TV show "The Specialists" on English Football, on Canal +. Start the video at 6mn: http://www.canalplus.fr/c-sport/c-football/c-angleterre/pid3479-c-videos-premier-league.html?vid=949351 "Saddly" I was only able to do one short sequence on Mata/Oscar and not the second one on Chelsea's gameplan (4v3 in midfield to set up a wide forward's run)
  4. Depends on the context to be fair. We'll face teams that will simply give the ball away and park the bus, against which we'll need penetration... So then Mata is more suited to a central position. In case the opponent manages to pass the ball several times on the row, can press, can fall back to hit us on the counter, has deep players able to be a launching pad (Carrick, Westwood...) & launch attacks... so then Oscar is more suited
  5. Chelsea began a new sporting era marked by the return of Jose Mourinho to the position he was employed between 2004 and 2007. It thus put an end to the last fifteen months during which the team was assigned to temporary managers as Rafael Benítez succeeded Roberto Di Matteo. This last point proves to be crucial ahead of the new season, especially after a 69-game season played all over the world. Chelsea suffered from the lack of rotation options in many positions. Therefore, it seemed reasonable to expect from the London club a greater freedom of movement granted to the Portuguese manager, res
  6. Anyway both fit the role as they're tactically good enough to cover and fill gaps. Anyway Gibson's injury record (even if Martinez's staff will monitor it as he emphasises on physiotherapy etc... - has graduated) may settle things for everyone, he'll miss one game out of three or four and Barry will play 30% of the games
  7. I'm eager to see how much playing time he'll have as Gibson and McCarthy are likely to start altogether. And Gibson's long play is another asset that Barry may not have (in terms of frequence, pace and purpose), as both him and Barry can similarily pass the ball sideways like Martinez expects from his DP
  8. I can answer a few questions if needed. I could then say that watching Everton's full preseason was actually purposeful
  9. OK no probs There's a chart on 14. to show what I tried to explain re: the spare man in support of the two midfielders who presses the ball (maybe that'll be a bit clearer haha) I saw your stuff on the zig zag theory otherwise. If you've the game on your computer (what I obviously think you do) so then check the 13. sequence. Martinez's game plan is about switching the play from left to right in order to use an option in the channel (having carried a defender out of position), then put a cross in with (expected...) entries into the box (opposed wing back, McArthur in shooting position 20 yds
  10. Added something re: Lukaku Otherwise I wrote that on how Wigan won the FA Cup. Brilliant and bold tactical plan from Martinez against that joke of a manager Mancini is http://mypremierleague.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/comment-wigan-a-remporte-la-fa-cup/ (of course it's in french but for once there's more images then text. Couldve done shorter but I really wanted to show two or three sequences of each point listed)
  11. One of the things that makes me following how Martinez sets up his teams is the ambition he shows when he asks his players to press, he asks his players to position themselves on passing lanes: usually you'd expect your central midfielders to get in between the goal and their opponent to keep him in sight, track his movements etc. Martinez usually asks his midfielders to get in between the oppositon's player who distribute and the one who'll receive the ball. In the FA Cup final, McCarthy and Gomez usually got in between Barry and Tevez, that was a really bold move as you'd expect both of them
  12. I like Osman as he's a bit different from the other english midfielders, has invention, vision and can pick a pass out of nowhere. But he's an attacking midfielder with a fair amount of waste in what he wants to do, partly because some of his team mates don't get what he wants to do or that the choice is actually bad. He's not a central midfielder by nature, it's been evident because as much him and Fellaini had issues to cover each others to press efficiently, block passing lanes. On your chart, Pienaar does drop as you showed with your arrow but on the other side, I agree that both attackers
  13. I though about that team to start the season. I think it will become even more obvious about why Mourinho wants so much Rooney, he already has explained why he wants someone to link up and score (one of the reasons why I though Lewandowski would be an astute signing). So that's 4231, 433, call it whatever you want. What's important though would be that there is a shape of three genuine midfielders sweeping in behind three attackers. Full backs' contribution is crucial, Cole and Azpilicueta can create chances for fun and the last couple of seasons showed they could even do so without proper opt
  14. I don't think Luiz's long play is the actuall issue when some of his passes leaves the field. He's a terrific delivery with both feet. The main issue is that there was no proper runs on a regular basis to pass the ball that way, mainly because our attackers prefer to get the ball on their feet. Torres or Mata could run into space, but not often enough We have options with Moses, Schürrle (even Bertrand)... that allows us to play more direct in the channels because they do actual runs in behind. That's a similar conclusion to Ivanovic's apparent waste in his long play, that's because there's no
  15. You should watch Argentina's campaign at the 2010 WC, 5 attackers and a defensive midfielder. No surprise they were crashed by Germany in quarter finals
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