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  1. Excited about this! Now we really need to sell Remy and promote one of our own to a third choice role. Its been long overdue.
  2. This is just the beginning. These interviews are going to get a lot more intense and who knows maybe an attack on Chelsea or its players too. It was always going to hurt to see Jose at United but I honestly cringed today when I heard him say that he is a the biggest club in the UK
  3. oh come on man! Liverpool would have never sold Suarez to us. There was no point showing any concrete interest because of the bizarre amount they would demand. (70M plus ish)
  4. god damn i love it when this club wins. great feelings.
  5. not really because we paid 27m for him.
  6. stepping stone move for his Career. Will attract a lot of media attention and probably engineer a move back to his preferred club AC Milan.
  7. Will play a few months in the Chinese league and then will probably leave and join one of the big Italian clubs. 25m is just an insane offer not to turn down. Thank you for everything and good luck to him!
  8. IF Costa leaves then we just have to get this guy next season!
  9. Second half was just like a game of FIFA 16! Heck even the celebrations were class!
  10. Deulofeu is an excellent crosser of the ball.
  11. This record is the reason why he moved to Arsenal.
  12. Avoid a Europa League finish so that we can concentrate on the league next season. Thursday night football will certainly mess it up for us.
  13. Whenever he takes a shot on goal the commentator always has to bring up his goal record. Its so bloody annoying!
  14. Sell him in the summer and get Lukaku back!
  15. say what you want but this just shows that Wenger has been doing really well at Arsenal.
  16. Congratulations Vardy! Truly a remarkable feat. Hope he does well in the future too.
  17. A reliable striker. Need to get rid of Falcao in January and bring a Ba type player soon.
  18. It will be a disaster if we send him out on loan. This is the perfect time for him to gain experience. I mean, we're not competing for the title anymore and a top 4 looks unrealistic, so why not play the guy?! There wont be a better time than now. I appreciate the work Jose has done for us and he will always have my faith and support to remain at the club but denying this talent the opportunity is just worse than our current situation.
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