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  1. Whats all this talk of Grealish to Chelsea. Not for me.
  2. It doesn't matter if he has a terrible Euros.. he has already proven himself in the Prem and is obviously one of the best strikers in the World.
  3. Just realised why Sancho isn't playing. Contract negotiations with United. Southgate doesn't want that distraction in an important game. Fair enough lol.
  4. Southgate thinks Grealish is a better option than Sancho LOL That's why we never win tournaments because our coaches are thick as fuck. Too much bias to players hyped by the media.
  5. Sancho and Chilwell not even on the bench is one of the most baffling decisions I've ever seen by an England manager. Truly bizarre.
  6. That wolly Southgate has chosen Trippier at LB over Chillwell.!!!!!???? How is this clown managing an international team.
  7. Not sure what he can really do about the goals. His defence has let him down on all 3.
  8. Italy are playing well. Turkey are playing like Burnley.
  9. Think we need to give this lad a little credit. Despite his current situation with being demoted to second choice GK... he has handled (pun inteded) the situation like a pro. Fair play... it must not have been easy.. and he hasn't held any bitter feelings towards his team mates or coaching staff. Good lad.
  10. Maybe it's time to give Billy Gilmour a serious look in to the first team.
  11. Talks now of us in negotiations with Lutauro Martinez agent.. Maybe Haaland is too big of a task
  12. I'm sorry but Haaland is quite obviously a beast. He has shown it against good teams in the CL too. His physical form alonside ability is something else. He will 100% be a hit if he comes here.
  13. Media are probably trying to unsettle our camp. It wouldn't surprise me.
  14. TT is probably thinking of playing RJ in the RCB position and ideally we need proper cover for RJ in the wingback position anyway. If RJ is injured next season, we can't seriously expect Azpi to keep rolling out top performing season after season at his age.
  15. €400 million This is never going to happen if that is true.
  16. Well judging by the reports which obviously can't always be trusted... it seems this may be the marquee signing Roman is desperate to make since the rumoured interest in Neymar. Even though Kai Havertz was a big signing.. obtaining Haaland would be on another level.
  17. Ahh it's good to see Talkchelsea up and running with long healthy debates like the old days.
  18. Kane*** Kante is worth 10 Harry Kanes.
  19. Kante to City Haalnad to us Everyone's happy.
  20. Big Roman is going all in. You don't hear that often.
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