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  1. Manchester City's squad is becoming insane. Their bench yet alone holy fucking shit. Full with quality. They mean business. Don't be surprised if it's going to be them dominating English football the next years.
  2. He needs to work-out again. Looked a bit "fat" if you ask me. And I seriously have bad memories of a "fat" Eden...season 15/16.
  3. 3-5-2 with Morata and Michy up front will be deadly. Michy is so good. Conte could've easily played him last season when that fucking turd Costa was already gone with his head.
  4. Funny seeing the ManScum fans on Twitter bashing on Morata while it was him they wanted before they signed Lukaku.
  5. And I fully believe he is the better option compared to Lukaku. A much more completer number 9 than Big Rom. Better agility and better link-up with the wingers and the midfield. Oh, and a better first touch as well. Very happy for Conte as well as he was the man Conte wanted at juve but never got the chance to work with. Very certain he can bring the best out of him.
  6. I take full credit. Roman Abramovich and the board saw my melting post about them and they considered taking action. Sorry for that people and welcome to Chelsea, Morata.
  7. I am so incredibly done with this club and it's board who have absolutely zero football knowledge and are only good in dropping managers like a stone. This isn't even an extension. This is a pay rise to say thank you to Conte for winning the Premier League last season and that's it. No long-term project or anything. Nothing. I'm getting so incredibly tired of Chelsea. Maybe it's for the best that our shady, crooked owner gets busted and he fucks off to a Russian gulag and we get an owner who's not only good at sacking managers, but also good at actually running a football club with
  8. We fucked up. Lukaku was the chosen one and our incompetent board fucked it up. Conte, over to you pal.
  9. I'm not an insider or not claim to be one it's just my opinion. But frankly, I don't give a damn as well. We're powerless as fans.
  10. Not happening. He isn't pushing for a move and they already lost Bonucci to Milan.
  11. I blame complete, utter tools like Carefreedaily on Twitter for hyping all these clueless Chelsea fans up.
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