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  1. Really dissapointed at the line-up, would have loved Remy to start and Ramires. Just have to put up to it I guess
  2. Must win game, we win this game then we are on the right path for the year. January is such an important month that if we still on top we would have easier fixtures
  3. What a goal by Luis!!! with such a free-kick the guy must surely be in the starting line up!
  4. Watching Mikel I just can't help but see what a waste the guy is.. In place of him rather play even Ake or an academy player. We can't afford to play a whole starting 11 of youth atleast we can play one or two. We need to groom someone in Mikel's position!
  5. I disagree, I think our squad players should be good enough to beat them. One other thing is that we need everybody sharp for the festive season. If we are scared to give them a chance against Derby then they aren't Chelsea quality. Players Like Salah and Shurrle can't play games once every month if can't give them a chance in the League Cup then ehat the purpose of having them?
  6. Regardless we lost to Newcastle does that make us a bad team? What am weary about is that out of all the other teams we could have faced they are the biggest threat and they have the biggest quality but I fancy us to topple them. Realistically it wouldn't be a suprise if they beat us cause they got some good individuals!
  7. No luck with the draw, the worst team we could face. But they are winnable
  8. EMK

    Eden Hazard

    well he can score no doubt about it, almost any football player can score. But lately I just observed he doesn’t have that ''natural'' scoring ability a natural goalscorer has. With training he can improve his scoring stat but an ability you don’t posses you will never do it better than some1 who has it. Just like other players will never be able to dribble like he does. This does not mean he will never score a hatrick, on any one’s day some1 can get a hatrick. But the consistency to score regularly is not possessed by any player there are rare breeds that why clubs brake the bank to buy the
  9. EMK

    Eden Hazard

    I love the guy< but he just doesn't have it in him to score! If he could bang the goals by now he would be the talk of the world. As they say you can't have everything. Just figured out he doesn’t hsve it in him to be a regular scorer. But none th less with his qualities he is already considered our best player if not one of the best players.
  10. Perhaps you got a point, he may lack 'aggresion' but he more than compensates it with his technique and offensive play. I remember watching an interview and they asked him whether a modern fullback should be more offensive. He said if I recall ''the number 1 priority of a fullback is defense"' so surely he prides him self in defending and he came from a team where they made defending an art. He may have a different style of defending to Azpi but he is more than capable of holding his own. Regardless it a good problem to have especially when teams like Arsenal have shortage of quality defender
  11. Just for your own information we played good football, we were in control of the game up until we led. It Mourinho's tactics to defend the lead after we are leading in towards the end of a game. How do you want us to play like Barca? we are not Barca we are Chelsea and since we deem Mou worthy to Coach us let us respect his judgement of seeing out games. Every commentry I read says we bossed the game except you, that an irony
  12. Just a show of the fantastic spirit in our squad!!
  13. I disagree that he lacks phisicaity, full back is not a position that requires the most phisical player.The qualities that needed there is mostly pace and a bit of intelligence to counter those tricky players.I think he played very well against Man U. I think he is that kind of player who needs to play a lot in order for him to start perfoming at his peek. The added advantage is that he might form a good understanding with Hazard that might be deadly, which i think Azpi is incapabable of forming going forward.I rate Azpi very high but am more in favour of a modern full back and Luis is what we
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