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  1. You didnt watch the game. You wouldnt want to watch Bertrand if you did.Trust me.
  2. No Torres on your Team sheet? Hes in Form nowadays and is super effective in terms of assists gameplay beating defenders and now scoring too, probably. The problem is that if we as a team have to move on, So do some players, including legends like The Drog.(in terms of starting 11) Imagine me putting Villas boas in our line up.
  3. Could not agree more with you. He is OK for an 18 year old. Much more effective than Mikel. If i make that statement then that means hes good....so a little confused about him. Also Lukaku, has the pace and ability to hold up the ball but his crossing and shooting abililty seem to be anderlecht quality.....long way to go before he becomes chelsea class( open header which hit his shoulder....lol and a couple of more instances) Bertrand is not at all chelsea class, however old he is and even though people think he will mature. Sorry if you dont like my opinion but hes shite.(wouldnt get into New
  4. totally unimaginative play. No penetration. Super slow speed. Cant see any drive from players..... bertrand has been below average. Second half should hopefully be better.
  5. This is just crazy. All of us trying to find streams everywhere around the world..... Why on earth is only one game being broadcast in the UK?? i did my college in Lancaster so vaguely remember something about getting people in stadiums instead of watching on their tvs. Most stadiums are still as half full as they used to be when matches were on tv. Even if this is a UK Specific thing....why not show the matches to the rest of the world?? In the end, maybe there is some justification to want people to fill stadiums in UK, but EARTH(big place) should be shown matches.... Wont they make a crazy
  6. http://forum.wiziwig.eu/threads/60534-Wednesday-s-Football-Links
  7. They are showing it on Ten Action 100% .... Saw the Ad that said Chelsea vs Fulham.... The program guide for tomorrow night says Manu vs Leeds but that match will be over tonight itself.... so tomorrow night the actual match being shown is Chelsea Fulham!! 100%
  8. Torres must play!! Carling Cup will be the perfect setting for nando to not feel any PL pressure and score a couple before the weekend feast(hopefully) against swansea. Imagine if he scores 1 midweek and 2 against swansea. that is 4 goals in a week, compared to 1 goal in half a year.... Torres will be like a monster from that moment on. This is exactly what he needs... started the season with good performances ... now got his goal.... unleash him... not bench him. I know we want to give our youngsters experience and we should give Josh Bertrand Lukaku and co a good run around. This is my Lineu
  9. Its being televised, saw some adverts for it yesterday.... dont know whether your sports channel is showing or not...If not....then im sure there will be enough streams!!
  10. Missed the First half.... But the Second Half we were Phenomenal... If we play the way we did today in the second half then we will contend for 1st come the end of the season. Why do we always play better when we are chasing games?> Even though we are only chasing because our defense is leaky.... but we do play better chasing...maybe AVB should figure out how to get players mentally ready for the intensity that we play with while chasing, from the start of the match? Also, keep playing Sturridge.... I dont agree with others saying he is not ready and all that.... One bad game.... he will pr
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------Cech--------------------------------------------------------------------- - -------Bos-----------------------------Luiz---------------------------------------Terry-------------------------------Cole------- ------------------------------------------------------------Ballack------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------Meireles--------------------------------------------------McEachran------------------------------ ----------Sturridge--------------------------------------------------
  12. There's nothing unlucky about a goal. As they say 3 points are 3 points and a draw is two points dropped rather than a point gained, atleast for a club like Chelsea. I Understand what you're trying to say, in the end we are all supporting the same cause.... However We did not play as well as people here are saying we did. United will be our toughest test and indeed AVB's as well. They will come at us with everything they've got and we cannot afford to have a good 70 mins and drop the tempo halfway through the second half ....They will punish us if we do. Our Defence will suffer with the High l
  13. Average at best. I dont know where all these praises are coming from. The Midfield seemed as if players were not sure where to drift ,,,,Lampard was awful again. The moment Mata and Sturridge went off , our entire game went from Average to Pathetic.....the amount of chances they had in our final third was amazing.... If they managed to score one of those last few chances they had....and it ended 2-2 , this forum would be losing the plot right now. Meireles showed he can play as an attacking DM quite well. I am scared for next weekend against Manu. Norwich Stoke West Brom and now A really horri
  14. Goal.com might be a crap website to get any reliable data, but i saw some truth in most of those stats.... The way people here are gunning for the source of these stats makes me think everyone rates mikels CREATIVITY 8/10 SHOOTING 8/10 SPEED 8/10 VISION 8/10 Mikel's Passing and Discipline i would rate as 8/10 easily, however these other values i regard closer to reality, i.e. the ones in t
  15. Even if you understand his role and appreciate his job for the team.... do you feel this graphic is true? If So then are his scores good enough and can he EVER be an 8 or 9 in most departments in the future?>
  16. this is extremely disappointing but looking at it from another point of view, Lukaku will be given enough chances in the next 6 months or 3-4 months or so. He has to win his place over Kalou and prove he has CL class. Putting him in now would be ideal but lukaku shouldnt get everything too easy. He is already preferred over Kalou in the PL, so more match practice , better touch and a couple of goals will get him in for the knockouts....
  17. AVB Grow some balls!! FFS kalou might have scored a couple of CL Goals....i actually cant even remember one tho.... yet the future is lukaku and im pretty sure who would be a better super sub...kalou or lukaku. This is the worst info ever. What Shit. Think this is player power of the old crew? If Kalou is left out AVB might lose the dressing room or something?? Not sure but this decision baffles me.
  18. I'm Karan Living In New Delhi Real estate and Spa Owner 24 Years Old I watched the Champions League final as the only Chelsea Supporter among 10 Manu Supporters.....The Penalty. FML
  19. why is no one talking about the players OUT situation that everyone felt was required? Anelkalouda to be precise. We couldve kept malouda maybe but the otherr two shouldve gone.... if our style of play has to change, the squad has to change as well right? I know new additions will allow certain changes but why on earth do we keep Kalou? He sucks Balls. And anelka can pass the ball but slows the game horribly, malouda is mr solo. Like Nani. I will never be able to be fond of Malouda just like a united fan can never like Nani.
  20. Hey Everyone, Was just wondering if TalkChelsea has their own Fantasy League for its members. We're all Chelsea Fans so it would be nice competing against each other. If there is one, can someone please tell me the code to join? If not , then lets make one starting from matchday 4 so that everyone starts from scratch?? I'll be very happy to make one myself but if the moderators wish to go ahead and make one that will be awesome! Cheers!
  21. The biggest problem with fernando is not only the 'lack of service' from our midfield. What he does not do, and indeed should be doing regardless of whether he is being passed the ball or not, is to 'MAKE SPECULATIVE RUNS'. The only reason he scored in pre-season was because he was making a speculative run, hoping to get the ball in his path, which it did, and he did score. Many times our players manage to get forward but i always notice torres is not anywhere for a tap in, rather he is standing at the edge of the 18 yard box. That speculative run is very important and god knows why AVB etc ar
  22. Cracked up after seeing this....funniest chelsea related video ive seen in a whiile!! Enjoy!!
  23. Sad to see AVB has brought nothing new to our style of play. 'GROUP ONE' and freedom to play etc that he keeps saying must show on the field. Pre season and first 2 games dont create optimism at all. Our playing style needs to change, not freedom to players etc that he keeps talking about. First post. Frustrated post. Still hoping for a 5-0 and optimism to return this week.
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