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  1. if the drastic fall in attendance means less time in the virtual waiting room for tickets then im all for it
  2. Buuuuump Anyone got one or two memberships they are not using for Roma at home in October?
  3. He's just trying desperately hard to stay relevant as one of football's top managers bless him.
  4. We should get Malouda back as well
  5. Hope we hang the 'One of Us' banner upside down or change it to 'One of them' when we play Yernited at home
  6. It was a requirement from Sport England that it can easily be converted back into athletics mode as and when they need it. The architects were not left with much choice due to the angle of seating needing to be different between football and athletics. The cheapest way of doing it was the shitty retractable seating in the photo
  7. Deleted his twitter account after abuse from him missing chances today apparently. I really do despair of this club's supporters sometimes
  8. Black armbands and a minute's silence vs West Ham in memory of Papy
  9. yep. Still hoping I'm going to wake up soon and the last 3 weeks have all been a terrible dream. We've become an absolute worldwide joke.
  10. I can't even say that If I could tell everyone I would. I work for an architecture practice who is involved in the project and the person on the desk next to me is working on Stamford Bridge but if I reveal stuff about it I could lose my job
  11. I know stuff about what is going on but I'm not allowed to tell anyone
  12. And how do you know it was sensible? In my opinion it's a fucking awful decision. 75% of 18-24 year olds wanted to remain and we're going to have to live with the bollocks baby boomers thinking only about themselves again. The muppets are probably at the bowls club right now celebrating and waiting for some spitfires to fly over while playing 'rule britannia' on a record player.
  13. Scenes when he sings the Willian song or John Terry has won the double at his first press conference
  14. Pep is in for the shock of his life when Big Sam and his hoofball rock up to the Etihad on the first day of the season
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