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  1. Just saying last time one of our expensive signing starts straight away days after signing for us we lost a big match, I fear the same might happen on Sunday, but I think it is just 1 of those day and we got nothing to worry about.
  2. Is Lampard better than Matic at CDM even a argument or just plain ignorance?
  3. Last time Torres started against Liverpool on his debut we lost 0-1. Actually on a 2nd thought putting him in straight away wouldn't be a good idea. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_prem/9385584.stm And we were 10 points behind MU then, 3 years on we have improved...
  4. Sorry to disappoint but that dude is playing for City
  5. Draxler Ozil Cazorla Best in the world potential right there, up there with us definitely no matter what you say
  6. And miss like he did against Hull? Look dude you just pointed out exactly what is wrong with Lampard, the only things he offered as those insignificant things which could be taken care of by other players, he OFFER NOTHING THAT IS IRREPLACEABLE.
  7. What the fuck is this shit? How can we even think about SELLING ONE OF THE BEST GK IN EUROPE? http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/atletico-confirm-chelsea-want-25m-permanent-courtois-move-1432435 Have we learn fuck all from Matic recently? This would be one of the shittest move in Chelsea history along with Robben, remember when we sold Matic Essien was the best CDM in the world, now Courtois already on par with Cech and we are fucking thinking about selling him? I love the direction we are going in but this move would be a massive fuck up on our part.
  8. LOL WHO SAID THAT? That is the biggest bs I have ever heard. LOL LOL LOL, anyone starting in CAM GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CDM, it is for their ability to fit Jose's plan. Even if we had Ba and Eto'o playing CDM, Mata won't start for us at CAM. Who ever said that is really an idiot.
  9. My post is actually really straight forward, all backed up by statistic and on field performances. Like I said, maybe I misunderstood you on 'a lot of games' part, what do you suggest is a lot? Because atm he is playing 90% of all the game that he is fit to play. And actually that is not really the case as we seen with our cam, eventually we will have the best 11 week in week out and I can't see Lampard in it, well not in CDM role with Rami and Matic as well anyway.
  10. Yes I do, just pointing out his post doesn't make sense
  11. Arsenal bid 37m for him soon after getting rejected by Benfica on Matic, offered to pay 35m but in 3 go according to Benfica fans. Shit they have REALLY CHANGED, can see them being 1 of our biggest rival for the next few years now.
  12. Naaa that was a good move and it was the dude that just resigned that sacked him and got Pochettino. At the time they were like Cardiff this season, like a few points above relegation zone.
  13. What? Matic got nothing to do with Mata because he is a CAM and Matic will play CDM?
  14. Like I said, I don't mind if he is out for 2 months but still bang in 20 goals for us in the end of each season, so stop using that as an excuse. And sorry to let you know but we don't have that kind of money anymore, Matic only happened because Kevin, us signing him on the cheap this time is probably because we managed to convince Benfica we don't actually have anymore money. If this was 2006 you would expect the fee to be 35m, not 25m like now.
  15. Chairman resigned, manager apparently will quit soon too. Time for this club to be relegated so we can sign this Chelsea fan for £15m. Such a shame though, it shows that just because club have a good spell it doesn't always mean future will be bright. Maybe their CB Lovren as well? He seems quite good this season and Lambert over Torres/Ba/Eto'o
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