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  1. Exactly mate, not every foreign fan is a plastic johnny come lately, but there are enough to make the stereotype stick, if a person can change the club they 'support' than they are not a real supporter merely a fan of football.
  2. If you think for one second what the club is going through now is bad then do abit of research about chelsea in the early eightys, that is bad, boycotting the club because your not happy with something is one thing, I personally would only follow our results if rafa benitez ever became our gaffer till he was sacked I certainly wouldnt stop supporting the club though, but to say like swedish house mafia that they will support someone else because they dont like the way things are currently panning out stinks of being a johnny come lately who has no attachment to the club, a real supporter rides
  3. Like I said in england it is commonly thought, rightly or wrongly, that the asian continent in bulk supports man utd, south americans support barcelona, africans support us, that tottenham have a high jewish following, arsenal have a large percentage of black supporters and that we have alot of wealthy fans that would be the typical answer from your average football fan that comes from england.
  4. Most definately, not every foreign fan can be tarred with the same brush, its just people like swedish house mafia dont exactly help break the stigma of foreign fans not being as committed, the common view in england on asian fans (especially) is that they support the team whom is winning the most league titles, and that view is backed up when you consider how much our 'fan' base has grown in asia during the roman era, now its citys turn now to get about 50-100m new 'fans' over night I expect them to 'come out' on the 14th may
  5. No offence mate but your reasoning in your own words behind why your a fan, your not a supporter, and not a plastic makes you sound even more like a johnny come lately, I personally could never understand supporting a team that are in another country from myself, have no attachment to on a local/family level I know that might sound elitist but how can someone from china/australia/malaysia/dubai etc have the same kind of support/emotional ties in a club compared to somebody who grew up in what would be considered the clubs catchment area? Im not saying all foreign fans are not as important as l
  6. I personally think the reason avb has gone public with the 'player power' 'not everyone believes in my project' is a clever way to get the message across to the fans that some of our players are being less than professional in their behaviour and not putting in a good shift on purpose, there have always been rumblings of player power in the dressing room from jose right through to avb and I think the worm has turned amongst the supporters, alot of fans are seemingly changing their minds about it being avbs sole fault for the current state of affairs. If we have players in the dressing room lit
  7. Were talking about a squad of workers being paid handsomely to follow orders from someone a step higher in the foodchain, they are paid to do as the manager sees fit whether they like it or not, the question of is the manager good enough gets asked by the people higher in the club than the gaffer not lower.
  8. Bring courtous back to give big pete a massive kick up the sphincter, get a proper rightback the kind that can do both the basics defend as well as attack, get somebody with a quick football brain in the centre of midfield that can ping a pass/through ball without holding onto the ball for 10 seconds too long, get rid of malouda and kalou and bring in competent wingers to rotate with mata and danny, and least but by know means least SIGN A BLOODY STRIKER WHO CAN SCORE!! we wouldnt be in half the mess we are now if we had a striker who was scoring half regularly.
  9. The problems at chelsea currently run deeper than the manager its been a stagnation of the playing squad thats built up over a number of years and has only recently been started to be addressed, now whilst avb has made some mistakes during his tenure with us not everything can be laid at his feet, and anybody that does is incredibly narrow minded imho, as fans we have been calling out for a proper freshening up of the squad for how long now? an artist is only as good as his materials, picasso would struggle to make a master piece out of a picture if he had to use crayola crayons. The problem i
  10. Fuck the media Fuck the FA if I were him id retire for international footy, I kniw its playing for your country but when the press bay for your blood permanently why bother?
  11. Only thing im gonna say about our youth team/set up is this, before roman came in our youth setup was for lack of a better term an after thought, it may as well of been stopped due to the amount of neglect it recieved, since roman came in he has built world class facility's for the first team through to the youth team, the whole psychology of the club towards youth football has shifted from what it was under gullit/vialli/ranieri, the current crop of u15 youth team footballers are apparantly one of the best in the country for their age group, these are players that have benefited 100% from the
  12. You forgot to mention that he also said that he hopes to keep drogba and kalou until the end of the season, "They will return to this club from the African Nations and hopefully we will hold on to them until the end of the season," added Villas-Boas. "That's our intention, and I think their willingness as well." Which hopefully if read between the lines means although kalou would stay until the summer the club/avb are not looking to keep him longer than that.
  13. Deja vu is that for the last 5 years with 4 different managers we have gone through a bad patch between the two transfer windows first part of the season, then pick it up in the new year and finish relatively strongly, call me cynical but that is the m.o. of players protecting their high salarys over collective glory. Now dont get me wrong im not saying they are all at it, but the guys at the tail end of their careers are certainly protecting their pockets, the squad has needed freshing up for nearly half a decade now and we have kept the same core of players who have peaked and should have be
  14. would be 24 id assume, 2+4=6 that seems to be the way some players get their numbers if they cant have their position specific number, all but done now so id assume alex will be gone within the first week of jan.
  15. Id say realistically for next season: -----------------------------------------------------------------Cech/Courtious------------------------------------------------------------------- Ivanovic/Hutchinson/New Rightback---------Terry/Cahill---------Luiz/Kalas/Chalobah---------Cole/Bertrand----------------------- -----------------------------------------Romeu/Lampard/Josh---------Ramires/Meireles----------------------------------------------------- -------------Sturridge/New Winger------------------Meireles/New Playmaker---------------------Mata/New Winger-------------------- -------------------
  16. If players are showing descent in the ranks then it shows that they are trying the player power move which has been done in the past and worked, however this time I think the upper management are not giving into them, why should players as good as they are or not as the case maybe like alex anelka kalou malouda lampard or any other player be able to pressurise the manager into playing them? AVB should be the only one making the choices not the owner not the players. If the players dont like it ship them out who ever they are, no player is bigger than the club, thats the mantra in football, a
  17. What suarez said was negrito which apparantly translates literally as little black fella, problem here is as he is from a latin country its gonna be nigh on impossible to judge conclusively wether or not he meant it as a racist term or not, gus poyet is staunchly behind suarez and says that it is a misunderstanding as in uruaguay its not deemed racist, now if thats the case its a cultural difference and suarez must have thought (rightly or wrongly) that he was doing nothing wrong. Now as over here everybody just assumed he meant ni**er, you got to ban him, on appeal he will say his piece about
  18. Apparently sky have got other camera angles of the incident and from the bit of info I just got told by a mate, the FA are going to absolutely crucify JT, my mate is a removal man and the firm he works for does more up market clients, they done a member of the FA today and he was talking to him and as he is a liverpool fan he got talking about the suarez ban, the guy said they had to ban and fine him as while it was a cultural mistake they couldnt just let it slide but he will get it reduced on appeal, he also said if you thought that was a tough sentence then wait until you see the other one,
  19. Burn him burn him with fire, he has twice been rude to fearne cotton at the big weekend and on her show, and from what other people who have interviewed him say he is a right arrogant bastard, couldnt care less about whether his music is mine or yours cup of tea, there is a way of behaving to people and he goes about it all the wrong way.
  20. Basically the spine of the team, and likely to be the players that AVB will need to jettison in order to bring his style of play to the club (except maybe cech).
  21. Might be away by the club to stop him going to the ACoN, ghana might have other players but they will pick him if avaliable the last time he went to the ACoN just after injury he done his knee again, might well be the clubs way of preventing lightning striking twice.
  22. Great short article from the express http://www.express.co.uk/football/view/289850/Senior-Chelsea-players-warned-Madrid-mutiny-is-not-an-option? which goes along with the idea that AVB is here long term and is going to be given time to build his new team in a new style of play (the only time you can drastically change the style of play), hopefully this is the case as I greatly admire AVB for what he is trying to introduce here and how he is starting to adapt his tactics till he can bring in his players, im gonna stick my neck out and say in january we will be selling anelka (already gone), kal
  23. At the moment it seems that the high line has gone and like AVB said a medium block is in but with the defence taking it upon them selves to drop deeper if necessary, in the short term the high line wont be back id expect over the next few years for it to be a touch further forward than it is currently as the players either adapt or are replaced, and the attacking football to develop as well. We have to remember that AVB has only been here 6 months or so yet, he is working with a team he has inherited which is still largely mourinhos and only recently has started to have investment in it (rami
  24. We look better with meireles in the team as an attacking force imho, and whilst I agree a playmaker is a must id sooner the club get the right one instead of the best we could get in january, in the summer we are more likely to get our preferred targets ala modric if spurs fail to get into the champions league for example.
  25. I personally think kalas is the better prospect than bruma, and as such with chalobah getting more to the age where he may start getting the occassional run out in the cups feel that we should look to sell bruma, get some money for him and stick a buy back clause/sell on % clause in there just in case, but I dont think he will make it for us, whilst kalas and chalobah still have a chance as they are younger and arguably alot better.
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