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  1. Been linked with juan mata of valencia according to this site not sure how reliable as its a blog but atleast has us targeting an attacking player.
  2. One thing id like to throw into the mix is that the previous financial year we made a loss of 44.4m down from 65.7m, in that loss the compensation package paid out to ex managers/staff (grant, clarke, ten cate, scolari and his staff that went with him) totalled 12.6m we also finished major building works in that financial year on the cobham first team and youth complexs so that needs to be factored in as well, transfer wise we only paid out net on zhirkov and from what I have read it is round the 15-17m mark, we also got rid of pizzaro and shevchenko from the wage bill which would have saved c
  3. My vote goes to paul clement, worked with a lot of our youth players over the last 5 years and keeps having his responsibility's added too near on season on season, obviously well thought of from within the hierarchy of the club already knows all our training methods and how we work, so seems the logical choice to me.
  4. Heard on the grapevine that apparently something happened before the Liverpool game in the changing room (which might explain the lack of performance) ray was allegedly involved and apparently this is part of the fall out, like I said its still a rumour heard it from a mates mates mate (I know lol) and they may know the full story on monday, take it for what its worth.
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