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  1. Nail Hammer Head, id argue though that if we let kalou go as well (quite possible) that we would need a striker, even more so if lukaku goes on loan. Cahill seems like it might well go through as alex for my money will be going to juventus within the first week of january the money we get for him would pay for cahill you'd imagine (8m-ish), they have been after him for a while now and there have been reports we have a deal in principle for cahill which may not be to much of a stretch to believe considering the AVB - coyle link. Anelka will be off in january too but I dont necessarily feel like
  2. Essien will be back soon dont forget, and when he is back as long as this latest injury hasnt effected him permantly then id be all for selling mikel, he doesnt fit in with the new style of play we are trying to implement, he is to laborious and romeu for my money will keep him out of the team from now on as he is perfect for this new way of playing, very barca like in his style of play (obviously) yet has a tough streak.
  3. Couldnt be built inside the power station as its not big enough, the chimneys also need sorting as well due to the fact they are well over their life expectancy so they need pulling down before they fall down, this could be the reason that they made the offer to the cpo, the debt on the site has matured and its possible for the lenders to call it in so puts any new bidder in a good position should that arise as the current owners dont have the money. Id imagine that the power station shell if kept (not totally impossible to demolish) would be turned into shops or offices etc whilst the new gro
  4. from cfcnet: CPO: FIFA advisor bought £10k shares on 18th October It has been disclosed that an advisor to Sepp Blatter (and FIFA) bought 100 shares in Chelsea Pitch Owners just eight days before the EGM vote. The person concerned, who cannot be named for legal reasons, bought the maximum number of shares along with his son, who also purchased a £10,000 block. The information was passed on to CFCnet via an anonymous email account, yet on deeper analysis it would appear that the information is readily available in the public domain by anyone wishing to view the CPO share register. All one need
  5. My belief is if we are after cahill it is because he has been identified as being the eventual replacement for JT, terry god love him is gonna be doing well to still be playing at 33 let alone as a first choice for a title challenger, he has racked up alot of miles and injurys over the last 10 years so if he is still a week in week out for us in 2 years time that alone is an achievement as far as im concerned.
  6. Transition people, get used to it AVB is building something that could be great but he needs time to implement it, as defeatist as this sounds I see man city for the next two years doing what we done under jose for his first 2 years, smashing the league and leaving everyone in their wake, their squad is stupidly strong and mancini is a defensive coach who has a world class frontline in depth. What we need to be doing is what man utd done, which is build and get to the bar that has been raised, AVB's football is more expansive and as such will leave us more open at the back, a few quality signi
  7. Battersea is approx 2 miles away from the bridge south of the river, It would be wandsworth council and not fulham and hammersmith so less swanky but it would provide us with a big enough site to do something special with and is in the heart of our traditional fan base area.
  8. Battersea mentioned again http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/8901837/Abramovich-eyes-Battersea-move-for-Chelsea-FC.html
  9. Where is the line drawed on that though? is it racist if for example I was living in india/africa and I was called a white cunt? as in their country I would be in the minority, or is it minority on a worldwide scale? or can it go down to communitys? another example if I was in southall, and I was called a white cunt by a group of asian youths would that not be racist? as in that area of our country I would be in a minority to another race/creed. With racism surely its a level playing field or why bother? its stupid to say only certain races can be affected by racism, the minoritys amongst the
  10. Up to 10m a season although id expect lower, if they have made headway in the naming rights to the bridge then it is purely down to the fact that they are giving said sponsor first refusal on a new grounds naming rights as well, as the last report about this subject gourlay said they were finding it difficult to sell as stamford bridge had to be kept in the name as promised.
  11. Certainly something which every football club should be pushing for, the modern football fan is a different breed from the fan of the late eighties and security at matches is 10 fold what it was as well, the safe standing in germany is what needs to be pushed as prove its safe and can be used over here.
  12. Asian flotation: real reason for CPO land grab? by Martin Rowe CFCnet has received a startling tip off from a merchant banker (purporting to be from a top City institution) regarding the CPO stadium land grab by Chelsea FC. The anonymous tip off, received on our iPhone but from an untraceable number, is made all the more convincing because we asked said banker to prove his credentials. He replied by describing the interior elevator to the fifth floor, the one that houses Roman, Tenenbaum etc (the real power clique behind Buck and Gourlay). The banker described how the elevator goes between Fl
  13. Cant see anyone paying him 250k a week at 19 with no european experience, so if that is bullshit and like peace said he has a buyout of 40m sterling then by that fact the whole article is bullshit. Personally think that we are potentially still in with a shout for him, madrid are sniffing round hazard now reportedly, I personally think one of those two will be our big summer siging to take away some of the attention that drogba, anelka and kalou all leave as out of contract.
  14. Look at this picture from the official site, http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2501875,00.html See how boxed in it is!
  15. I wouldnt expect this to be anything more than a pr exercise by the council, health and safety regs stipulate that no more than our current capacity can get out of the bridge in the timeframe needed in an emergency situation due to the only egress point being the fulham road, that is a bloody major hurdle to get over to increase capacity, and when the club have looked into the only viable option of overcoming that issue with a walkway over the top of the railway lines uptowards west brompton station, but the council shot that down, citing various reasons. The council just dont want to look lik
  16. FRANKHAM TO CHAIR CPO Following the resignation of Richard King as chairman and a director of Chelsea Pitch Owners Plc, the remaining directors of the Company have invited Steve Frankham to rejoin the board of directors and to act as chairman. He has accepted that invitation. Steve Frankham is a long-time Chelsea supporter, who was an original director when CPO was founded in 1993. He became its chairman in 1997 - when Tony Banks resigned as chairman upon entering government - and led CPO during its most successful period of fundraising. Upon his appointment, Mr Frankham said he relished
  17. http://www.telegraph...rd-Bridge.html? A grassroots rebellion at Stamford Bridge Even Roman Abramovich and his millions can’t sway the diehard Chelsea football supporters. A heartwarming and rather unexpected thing happened this week in English football. And no, delicious as the news was, it had nothing to do with the disgraced misogynists Richard Keys and Andy Gray being obliged to cancel a nationwide tour after a profound lack of activity at the box office. Rather, it happened in that cradle of democracy, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. And it featured a bunch of football fan
  18. There maybe no need according to the club in the current or future but that is under the current regime, but there maybe a need in the distant future if we were to have a new owner that is less roman and more risdale, thats the point the cpo are making, and ultimately why is it that the cpo cant be transferred, it just keeps the status quo as it is, club gets what it wants in a new stadia with increased revenues and the cpo/fans (likely to be the ones who kept turning up when we got relegated in 83) get to keep being the clubs guardian if it ever got to that marler estates scenario again. No o
  19. If they transferred the cpo shares onto the freehold of the new site and had in a contract that they would remain in a sw postcode as close to the current bridges location as possible, then they would have got more than the 75% needed. The transparency the cpo are asking for is not a great leap from what is already on the table, if they moved the cpo over as well then that would be a cool 10m saved as well, even if circa 8m of it is little more than debt on paper. It really isnt hard for the club to comeback with a counter offer of the counter offer put to them from the sncpo campaign, make th
  20. Like you said you can play the what if card all night, fact of the matter is nobody knows what will happen in 10, 20, 30 years time for the club, im sure leeds would have liked a cpo structure in place when peter risdale was chairman, bottom line is why take away a line of defence when you dont have to? if the cpo stick to their guns on a transfer of rights to a new ground the club will have to give in if they are 100% behind a move, id imagine alot of our current fans had never heard about the cpo up until nearly a month ago. No need to be patronising with your last sentence Im right behind a
  21. How about putting it in the next offer like the 2020 move promise?
  22. Id imagine they want assurances that the club wont move out of south west london fullstop, even west london like white city isnt a popular choice due to being so close to qphahaha
  23. That was the original idea behind the cpo, its just that it never got to the level of members first thought was possible by bates, im not sure what is wrong with 15k people who are majority dyed in the wool chelsea fans having the ultimate say on whether we move or not, they are speaking not only for themselves but also for the non cpo holders that would say no, until the club gives cast iron guarantees that we never move out of south west london and lets the cpo is transfered onto the new ground, I hope they continue to say no, as for us supporters they are our only voice on the matter.
  24. You obviously dont understand what it is the cpo have power over, they literally only have the power to stop the club from having the ground sold out from under them by unscrupulous owners, they have no powers to sell the ground without chelsea fc agreeing to it as well, they also have to lease back the stadia automatically each time the 199 year lease at a cost of £1 an annum runs out, in laymans terms the cpo cant do anything without the club also agreeing to it and vice versa, its basically a water tight fail safe to insure the club never goes throught the legal battle of the eighties again
  25. And what if in 40 years time in a big new 60k seater stadium in battersea by the thames we got a new owner, say some americans akin to gillet and hicks, who purchase the club on leveraged debt totalling 500m for example but all the time accruing interest, they then start to make abysmal decisions like interfering with team selection and over spending beyond there means, we start losing ground in the league and drop out of the champions league spots (current liverpool pattern) for a few years, a few years without the CL revenue hits the club in the pocket and they cant afford to keep up with de
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