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  1. South west london club, qpr are a west london club, battersea is sw london
  2. Its a shit hole, thats what it is, we wont move there cpo wont sell up if its there.
  3. I think you will find the history books will remember mourinho as the better club manager hands down, trophies dont lie and jose needs 3 or 4 fire places to put all his on.
  4. Battersea a no go? can you actually get a supporter area in london more chelsea besides where we are? earls court is a vague possibility due to the problems cap co are gonna have with that site, white city shouldnt even be said out loud let alone considered, do you mean the imperial gas works site? as I believe the land has already been sold and what is left isnt big enough to build a 60k stadium on, that was if memory serves me right the site peter kenyon got caught looking at blue prints on. Only options currently are earls court and battersea, both very long shots but both not completely de
  5. AVB doesn't come off well does he, saw a classic line somewhere about bale trying to find his receipt for his new contract lol
  6. Australia is top of my list can get a visa but the missus doesn't want to move London is a shit hole in general and absolutely horrible place bar some higher end places, I do work all round lOndon and the more of it you see the less you like the place, other than the fulham road obviously
  7. Never a fan of desailly well past his best when we got him and quite over rated by our lot, certainly not a legend of the cub either.
  8. Other than being able to watch Chelsea live we don't have much else going for us lol
  9. You want to move FROM new zealand TO england? why on earth would you want to do that? Im a proud englishman but if I had a choice of countries to move to, the uk would not be at the top of my list, new zealand would be quite high up the list though.
  10. Id say that if your in a loving relationship, have the means to provide for a family and thats what you and the misses want after careful consideration then go for it, why are you too young at 20 or 21 if its what you both want and can provide? its a big responsibility and one I don't think you should take on lightly but age shouldn't be a barrier.
  11. I got married at 21 and now that I'm 28 I have 3 kids my first was born when I was 22, I'm not chavey or underclass and I work my bollocks into the ground to keep my family fed clothed and watered, I private rent which when you include the council tax comes to over 4 figures a month, if you can afford it and are having kids for the right reasons who the fuck cares what age you have children at or what age you decide to get married at, its a personal choice whats right for one person isn't right for another. I made my choices young and I'm a very proud dad of 3 who's been with his wife for over
  12. Like fuck are they gonna help, they have been a bloody pain in everyday imaginable for decades (I'm sure ken bates time here helped them to dislike us further), if they were being genuine then they would have come out with this years ago, and not when it looked like we were going to move.
  13. Arguably if you were a arsenal fan you may advocate the manager having less control over transfers and club direction, If I were god forbid a dirty scum sucking maggot who supported the woolwich wanderers then id be happy for the board to take some power away from him, as it stands I'm a proud chelsea fan who wants to see wenger at arsenal for many many more years they are headed the same way as liverpool under tubby, nowhere fast.
  14. Nail on head, not quite sure what the fascination about guardiola is all about, rijkaard had barcelona playing some pretty good stuff up till he left and guardiola tweaked what was there and has the the good fortune to manage arguably the greatest club side in history with arguably the greatest/going to be greatest player that played so id prefer to stick with one of our own and who we know works and thats robbie.
  15. Bloody right from a common sense point of view they should just let us buy it and actually do something with the site, the place shut down the year I was born (1983), and has rotted ever since dispute numerous developers attempting to regenerate the area, a stadium with a view from the river would be immense and there is already loads of properties going up around that area mainly by the firm who's flooring work I do Berkley Homes, so in that respect losing a few hundred flats as a trade off for an iconic stadium is worth it, that and we have the funding in place already to build the day after
  16. A celtic fan? why are you boys even bothering to reply, big club in scotland certainly (not hard) but thats it.
  17. Stumbled apon this one too, not my work made by a guy called idunno http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=aa173b867cdc9096cbdbd70308cc5247 Go to the link above to see it in 3d
  18. Apparantly roman wanted to hand down the club eventually to his son, sure I remember reading that when he first took us over.
  19. Both on the decline, but I'm pretty sure lampard has the intelligence to adapt to a new style of play (hasn't looked to bad playing deeper) to prolong his usefulness for us, as for the apparent 25k pay rise being touted by the rags, if true gourlay is being very short sighted, frank in all fairness should be on a new deal that drops each year, you don't give a 34 year old 175k a week.
  20. Some more mockups this time from a guy called pelt at skyscraper city forums
  21. Im hoping that hazard latest comments about playing time and position will put us ahead of city and utd in the chase for his signature, as surely he is more likely to play every game here than at those two as we have no competition for him on the wing.
  22. Just like to extend my gratitude towards ron gourlay for putting us out of the misery of seeing bosingwa and kalou in a chelsea shirt for another season, now if he could swing romans axe towards malouda and ferreira id be forever in his debt.
  23. Technically speaking I believe they are but.... they are about a decade past their service life and need to be rebuilt as there are reports they are on the verge of falling down hence the scaffold around one of them, so even as a listed part they need to be pulled down and rebuilt.
  24. According to property week the preferred bidder for BPS is going to be announced next week.
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