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  1. id of thought that it would boil down to money, samsung arnt in as strong a financial position as they have been in the past and so wouldnt be looking at a vast increase in the amount they paid us, especially as their profile is 5 fold what it was when we first had them on the shirt, so id of thought at a current rate of £18m a year they wouldnt of wanted much more than a 25% hike whereas the club should be aiming for a minimum of a 100% hike to £36m considering the other deals that have been signed by other clubs, id also if I were the club only want to be signed up for 5 years, a 10 year dea
  2. Chelsea do have a record of going for smaller growing partners did it with Samsung at the time sauber more recently
  3. Gazprom is less controversial than some of the sponship deals Man City and psg have struck, Roman sold his oil company years ago which was absorbed by gazprom in a merger so no conflict of interest.
  4. The same Malaysian airlines that sponsor the joke up the road and their chairman owns?
  5. Sekisui chemicals, Kobe steel or norsk hydro Are my esucated guesses, the last one is from a sector that our owner still operates in I believe.
  6. Guess we will have to agree to disagree, nw to me is wembley, harrow, kilburn etc, not places you would associate upmarket with, whereas in sw you have chelsea, fulham, belgravia etc, chalk and cheese, as snobby as it sounds north west london isnt posh enough for us.
  7. SW6 compared to NW10 is like monaco and manchester, so you would rather be on the north circ than down in the posh surbubs of cobham? NW10 is by definition north-west london not west london and certainly not south-west london which is our area, I work all over london on new build building sites so I can say it as I see it, there is a very noticeable difference between our end of london and the rest of it, london in general is a shit hole, I stand by what I said, big drop in standards moving out from the fulham road into somewhere like white city let alone wormword scrubs. Part of our identity
  8. Fuck moving to old oak common which would be the place your reffering to chelseanw10, its a shithole, it would be akin to moving out of the best 5 bed home in a private estate to living in a council block high-rise, you just dont do it. If a nw postcode is seriously on the table id sooner we just took the plunge and move down the a3 to cobham/kingston, atleast they are places we could keep our upmarket heritage intact with.
  9. His brother richard attenborough is actually lifetime vice president at the club or words to that effect, massive chelsea fan, he also was john hammond in jurassic park in case your wondering who im talking about
  10. To be fair youd have to be a pretty shit to not look better defensively when you sit deep (deeper than we were under RDM) and also by playing less 4231 and more like 4411 with the 2 central midfielders sitting deeper than the wide men, then hitting the direct ball, its funny really because RDM was trying to implement this attacking brand of football that our owner apparently craves and teething problems were always gonna happen during a tough run of games, and now we have TFSW in charge we are reverting back to a more conservative style of play (defensive and counter) kind of makes you wonder
  11. Looks like he was sacked to me, if these arnt enough im sure I could pull up another 5 10 15 reports who all agree with me http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/dec/21/rafael-benitez-internazionale-massimo-moratti http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/9302348.stm http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1340638/Rafa-Benitez-sacked-Inter-Milan-Italians-turn-Leonardo.html http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/856462?cc=5739 Cant find an article that has a qoute from the bloke him self but the amount of people who were using get torres scoring as a reason for him to ge
  12. Lets just agree to disagree, you have your take on tubby I have mine, i wont change your opinion of him and you wont change mine.
  13. I think benitez is quite a defensive good coach not as good as your lot makes out, never on a par with the likes of mourinho hiddink guardiola van gaal capello (club football) ferguson etc but certainly not rubbish but neither great, My hate for him is ingrained upon me and I honestly dont think he is the right fit for my club, since he won the european club with your lot what has he done? another european cup final whilst batting it out for 4th eventually getting third on +2GD, fhact, and crack under pressure when it was a straight shoot out between you and united, fhact, then a couple of glo
  14. Yep id say his run when put in context was pretty dire to........ he was shafted the only thing that you could use to hang him out to dry was the champions league group form and even then that would be abit unfair considering the strength of the group, if you were city chairman would you of sacked mancini at round the same time? is mancinis peformance this year much different to what robbies was with us? he was shafted and roman got rid of him at the end of our hardest run of games so far this season.
  15. Fair play to him for doing that but its funny how this makes the press and not the letter that JT got sent to him about the young lad who had got the all clear from cancer http://web.stagram.com/p/345513266808364815_247694870 call me a cynic but I find it funny how one makes the press when tubby needs all the good pr to get the clubs supporters on side and the other is swept under the carpet as he is hated by the countrys press.
  16. When I said perfect i meant the situation of being european champions a club legend in charge the club finally investing in some young exciting attacking options and trying to play a more expansive game of football, when it was going well it was bloody brilliant, teething problems should of been expected, he was cut loose way to prematurely just like he was at west brom. My point is we should never of been looking to replace robbie, the damage was done for the champions league and id of expected robbie to get very similar results in tubbys games so see no reason to pull the trigger, I would ha
  17. I take it your party to all these deals that he turned down then? sitting next to him having a cup of coffee whilst he went through all these offers huh? if liverpool want him back you wouldnt need to come down with a golden chariot we would drive him up there for ya, his record is no more favourable then frank rijkaards, and I dont want that cunt anywhere near my club either. Tubby had a golden 3 year period in his career 2 at valencia one at liverpool since then (nearly a decade ago) he has achieved nothing that would set him apart from anyone of villas boas capello ancellotti mancini simone
  18. You tell your self that, thats why I believe he was given the job, RDM was dumped at the earliest opportunity this bad run people say we were on doesn't really exist it is a white wash put out to take away from the glaringly obvious that RDM wasnt wanted and as soon we hit a small rough patch he was history. In RDM last ten matches we had a 4-1 win against norwich, win 4-2 at tottenham, lose to shakhtar 2-1 in ukraine, lose to united 3-2 in that game then beat them 5-4 in the league cup, draw against swansea 1-1, beat shakhtar 3-2, draw 1-1 with the mickeys, then lose to west brom and juventus
  19. Bollocks, he has been in the wilderness since inter sacked him and no club would touch him with a barge pole, he needed this job more than we needed him, I believe the sole reason that roman chopped RDM to bring tubby in is in a vain last effort to get that nancy torres firing and to look like at least worth half what we paid him, TFSW has been drip feeding to the press since he was sacked about how he can get torres scoring romans bought into that hence why he is here, if torres wasnt here nor would he its as simple as that, and he would still be twiddling his thumbs waiting for the right opp
  20. To put another angle on it, if dalglish had spent that 120 odd million responsibily instead of wasting it would these players be getting a chance? surely the reason these players getting a chance at liverpool is as much if not more to do with the fact they now have a small transfer budget and a squad full to the brim of mediocre players? Had liverpool for example not spent 80m on carroll, henderson, downing and adam but instead spent it on say adebayor cazorla sessegon and cabaye (and probably had change) then they wouldnt be in a position where they needed they best youth players to step up d
  21. Indeed but chelsea fc is and has always been in the sw6 postcode for the stadium and pub we were formed in.
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