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  1. Shouldnt you be more worried about the hungry people in your country!
  2. English team matches should suit English time.
  3. Well some of us have jobs. I dont understand why I have to stay up to watch an English team play football. Pre-season or not.
  4. I chose to support a team in my country hence I can complain. If you choose to to support a club knowing the time difference then you have no right to complain.
  5. Wow Moses has been excellent! What a goal by Schurrle. Plus another clean sheet. Great pre-season so far.
  6. Lots of positives. But we are in desperate need of a competent striker. No joke.
  7. Pretty sure he doesnt during matches. I saw him drinking in the other game.
  8. Why not? Torres has been shit for 2 and a half years. Why does he have a future at our club but Ba doesnt?
  9. Ye because our other 2 options really outclass Ba.
  10. One Piece is an amazing anime. Best thing since Dragonball z for me. Also another anime I started watching recently is Hajime no Ippo. Its about boxing but it really is good.
  11. Ivanovic at CB!!! Good to see. KEVIN!!!!!! ARGH
  12. HNKS

    Didier Drogba

    That first touch.....
  13. HNKS

    Didier Drogba

    Torres & Ba + £15m for Drogba?
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