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  1. Not allowed to use artificial turf I think, shouldn't be an issue with a new build, plenty of ways to sort drainage when your starting a fresh dig deep enough and put in artificial drainage aids to help with that issue, since we started using the weed lamps to help the pitch it's been much much better.
  2. I think you will find they will lower and turn the pitch a degree or 5, the whole stadium as is would be flattened, the only part worth saving is the west and even then id reclad it if that were the case.
  3. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-05-15/champions-league-win-may-determine-samsung-s-backing-of-chelsea Hwang also said his company has turned down opportunities for naming rights to various stadiums, including Chelseas Stamford Bridge. The Blues have failed to sell naming rights for several years and want to find a sponsor as part of proposals to move to a new stadium. The club said May 4 that it was bidding to acquire the Battersea Power Station site in London. Our experience is that even though we put the Samsung name on that, no media mentions Samsung but just the stadium name, s
  4. Chelsea are hardly likely to turn round and say you know what its been 5 years we have said twice that we will announce a sponsor in the coming months but it was actually rubbish and we have failed to find anyone willing to sponsor us for the amount we want on our current stadium, that would never happen and thats the only time youd have proof that thats the case, the most simple answer is usually the right one nobody wants to pay the going rate for a ground name on a established stadia, the closet thing you would have to proof is when the bridge is rebuilt and some american/asian business has
  5. 2009 - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/6510291/Chelsea-to-sell-Stamford-Bridge-naming-rights-to-compete-with-elite-clubs.html 2011- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2058862/Chelsea-close-Stamford-Bridge-naming-rights-deal.html the club have seemed very keen to build a new ground, not just redevelop shed/mh ends to get to 60k, so logically to me it seems they want a new stadia part of that has been mooted as to be as they could sell the naming rights to offset some of the cost of the build. To me it seems pretty clear that the club have failed to sell th
  6. Thats not the point though, it may be new for the bulk of it but crucially it has always been called stamford bridge, the club didnt change their mind as gourlay 3 years after starting the search gave updates on how it was going, it was reported that sponsors were not interested in sponsoring an old (as in not brand new) stadium for the kind of money we were looking for, ask dave whelan and mike ashley how it is going in finding a sponsor for an existing stadium. Id imagine that the training ground name will be bundled in with the ground name for £20m+ a season for 10 years, which should be ac
  7. surely in regards to sponsors rejecting the naming, the proof is in the pudding, 6 years on from first looking and nothing.
  8. Not age of ground, the fact it has already had a name for the last 100 odd years lol, sponsors are not stupid they know full well that if stamford bridge was renamed or had something added to the front of stamford bridge it would still only be known as stamford bridge, a new stadia with new history a blank slate even if built on top of the old site would sell like hot cakes as it would only be known as the new name. Its like trying to rename chewbacca as nigel nobody would call him nigel he would still be called chewbacca to 90% of people.
  9. fulham broadway is the obvious one id assume unless the club fancy building a stadium specific station a bit further up to easy congestion.
  10. thats niave to think it wont happen, new ground name will be sold, otherwise why not just redevelop the shed end and if possibile add a tier to mh? for a complete rebuild the stadia name will be sold to the highest bidder, they have been trying for years to sell the bridges name but had no buyers due to it being an old stadia with a new stadia you will have a bidding war, especially as roman will build the most state of the art stadia in the country.
  11. Its a not a share bought to profit from once again look into what it is and why its there as you obviously dont have a clue, any fan buying one in the hope they can flog it back to the club at a profit to me isnt a fan, if you buy one do it for the right reasons even if it is an outdated idea, you would of been lynched 20 years ago for insinuating a buy for profit motive.
  12. Its tactical and their are reasons for doing so, look at what club has the best record against the top 6, ends justifies the means.
  13. do you play sports? play for 2 hours on a tuesday night then play 90 minutes saturday evening at a high level also against a team who hasnt played in a week, the mental aspect plays its part in why as you put it we were at our best in last few minutes of first half, thats called holding onto what you have got for 5 minutes till you get to regroup at half time and the rhythm is disrupted, its character and what wins you titles, when you come back out after a ten minute break when you are already knackered your legs feel like lead and your sluggish, again why near the end of the second we looked
  14. What a load of bollocks that is, your body is more likely to be tired for the second half after putting in 45 minutes when you are already not 100% hence the lack of intensity in the second half all due to the 120 minutes in the liverpool game, coupled with city having a week off amplifing it even more. Mentally they were strong, otherwise we couldnt of got a draw whilst sustaining that amount of pressure for long periods.
  15. Got to imagine that the club will be hovering round the 40m a season mark if there are 3 clubs bidding, good news if thats the case.
  16. frame it?, and you can vote at the cpo meetings other than that not alot, its a keepsake even when they first started selling them they had no real purpose as bates had already got the freehold back and the cpo is basically a complicated trustfund that keeps the freehold separate to the club and limits what the club owner/board can do with the freehold unless the fans with shares agree, but at the same time the cpo is limited in what it can do for example if the club left the bridge without consent of cpo the cpo could not use stamford bridge with a fans team as they dont own the actual stadiu
  17. Its my understanding that the cpo share is basically a sunk asset, it is worth nothing technically speaking and is more a keepsake even back when first brought out the battle had already been won, the cpo/stock thing is a security blanket, and buying loads of shares to hopefully profit on them in future is the exact opposite of its original intention for fucks sake! look up why we have the cpo as you obviously dont realise by doing that and holding the club to ransom (only potential buyer) you are no better than marler estates.
  18. I reckon as far as jose is concerned salah is gone, when talking about people ahead of thorgan hazard in our current squad salahs name was no where to be seen, thats pretty damning in my mind especially seeing as thorgan is over in germany at the moment! The club have to be negotiating a transfer at the moment and as soon as that is confirmed they will spend, id also be seriously surprised if we didnt have a replacement lined up either from within or a potential new signing thats waiting to be confirmed.
  19. If the club invested in its own car parks tube stations and bars/food all on site then the drunken football fans Enmass would be self contained, so less likely to cause a nuisance to locals if played that way it could fly.
  20. Loads of vacant land off the a3 near esher, not a million miles from cobham so the club can prepare out our facilities home match days, just a matter of the club investing in public transport amongst other community projects and jobsagoodun, a whole lot easier to get a 60k stadium that way then the fulham rd, could build supporter facilities as well, food outlets parking bars etc etc dream come true for the club really.
  21. Well the thing is with the cpo how water tight is it exactly? To us mere mortals we expect it to be just, to Bruce buck an acquisitions lawyer and the rest of Romans legal dept I'm sure a loophole has been found and NOT exploited yet, it would look terrible if the club didn't liase withe cpo bad pr, but crucially I think if it came to it they could do something, I'd imagine it would be to do with the cpo not servicing the debt and forcing them to liquidate the company. The cpo is a complicated business as they don't own the ground just the land it's on and I'm sure the name change thing won't
  22. I wouldnt be against chelsea moving to kingston/esher that kind of way as a last resort to be honest, affluent up market and probably the second best place to be if sw6 is ruled out as a complete impossibility to rebuild, I have a feeling we are gonna try and do a complete rebuild of the ground and if the council cant make good on its promise to help the club expand then we are gonna be looking at where to move after that, as the club wont give up on expanding and as far as im concerned I do not want to move from upmarket to anywhere else unless it is upmarket, thats part of our tradition/dna/
  23. I'm not sure it's as complicated as that, I think it's just the way the Samsung deals were sorted, if you tie in for too long then you will fall behind rivals who go for shorter deals, chelsea should be in a strong position to get more than arsenal (30m) we are more successful on the pitch over last decade and are more likely of the 2 to be successful over the next decade, sponsors want to have their brand on a winning teams shirt so the big clubs who win the most trophies get the best deals, Man Utd are the most successful club in England over last 20 years so will get the best paid deals, we
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