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  1. Krypt

    Demba Ba

    You know one of torres's main assests is defending corners I think BA has been great for us so far and can forgive him for that miss . i think he expected to hit it with more power than he actually did. i think if he had more time he would of scored. Must play against Swansea tonight !
  2. Phone hacking On a serious note , i wouldn't belive anything until you hear it from the man himself..
  3. You would most likely be more positive if it came from a reliable source I am trying not to get my hopes up to be honest , also would Jose want to come back here ? he likes his new challenges.....
  4. Maybe Roman does not want to spend ? Maybe he does not trust Rafa as Interim manager to bring players in ? Who knows. Our sqaud is light compared to alot in the league , you should never really go into a season with only two strikers and we are paying for it now. What did they think once Drogba left ? Torres would replace him ? on what eveidence. We shot ourselves waiting this long to buy a real striker. We lack discipline and need to sort out this leaking goals asap. But its a young sqaud with players with limited PL experience , what we need is some older heads in there to tighten things up.
  5. yep I feel avb will bite us in the ass!
  6. Krypt

    Demba Ba

    Good Signing , cheap and cheerful. Lets hope he can fill some of the void that Drogba left.
  7. It will boost our english quota , thats about all he is good for.... sorry not a fan think he is overhyped one trick poney.
  8. Well hopefully they will go for pep and we will end up with Jose.
  9. I am a web development manager. I got into it about 5 years ago after uni. Its more about the marketing than the design nowadays though.
  10. Sunderland have been as bad as us in the last few games. Lets hope wednesdays result boosts the players and we smash them. 3points is a must with our rivals playing each other.
  11. anyone seen this - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4685039/Chelsea-uncovered-What-really-goes-on-at-Stamford-Bridge.html Was a good read and yes i know its the sun...
  12. I think Ba would do also. Just get someone in who can score some goals and have a few strikers to choose from. Then in the summer sort out the rest.
  13. Unsure how to feel about this competition. Its another trophy to win i guess , but i would not sacrifice a top 4 spot for it. I do think some of our fans worry to much about what rival fans think. Both Manchester clubs had this happen to them last year. Look how well they are doing now , this sort of thing will make our players more determined to make it out of the group next year (if we are in it) Getting into the CL has become such a must nowadays and I am sick of worrying about it , I just want to enjoy the football. Look on the bright side at least you don't need a sky subscription to watc
  14. Disappointed but not gonna be a spoiled brat. Concentrate on the league now and make sure we finish in the top 4
  15. Lets hope Torres can take is form into the Thursday night cup.
  16. i have never celebrated a goal so little. watched the last 10 mins of the Juve game Shakatar don't look interested....
  17. Against Napoli , it was up to us to perform and get the result , we were not relying on another teams results. Tonight it out of our hands which makes it extremely unpredictable.
  18. Krypt

    Didier Drogba

    Couldn't we just play him and say that ramires has had a growth spurt But in all seriousness i think we would have qualified for the next round if he was still here. we need a new saviour now.
  19. It’s not been the best few weeks here. I think more of us fans would be more understanding about the results if it wasn’t for the FSW being here. That being said it’s about the players and a bit more passion from some would be welcome , but i am not going to stop supporting the club just because its going through a difficult period. Last season would of been mad without the CL win. So if we are to have a couple of season's disappointment so be it. I am sure we will come back stronger after it all.
  20. I see him goint to Liverpool in Jan tbh. All these rumours keep popping up and he wants to play eveygame. Surely if we let him go we are going to buy a new striker ourselves.
  21. He would most likely stay with Dourtmund ,seeing as they are doing so well in the CL , i would not be suprised if they got to the final.
  22. I think as a cheaper option why not ? We just need a striker that does what they are brought in for .. score goals.... not run around for 90 mins falling over.
  23. It trruly is a sad state of affairs.With Benitez i just have no confidence in this team. The problem is they will now rush JT and Lamps back which may lead to them being out again this season. We need someone to give the players a boot up the arse and install confidence in them. I just cant see how the FSW will do this , his probably lost te dressing room already .. if he ever had it.
  24. Was just about to post this. I fully agree when we brought him he was past his best im afraid.
  25. Its really hard to keep interest when your team ends up going straight back down. its such a tough league at the top.
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