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  1. Yep we need a win and we need it badly. We are starting to forget what it feels like , i would take a scrappy 1 -0 win with it coming off Torres's arse cheek.
  2. Have to agree with this. We put so much emotion into a football club you forget how trivial some things are. The way were willing to call people names just because they wear a diffrent shirt to the one we love. This season is a stange one because of the newer players its hard to feel emotion to a new group of players. Yes there is still lamps and Terry here but without the likes of Drogba , essien etc it feels strange adding Rafa to the mix jus makes it ever stranger. We have had so much sucess during the last 8 years we have become attached to certain people its hard to move on. Its all going
  3. To be honest alot of us did , we gave him more of a chance than anybody because of his hype. I am afraid it will always be like this the only person i could see being our long term manager is Jose , but he would be mad to come back here. We just need to accept it now and concentrate on just supporting the players because thats who we are paying to see , not the bloke in the dugout.
  4. Agreed , We spent a hell of alot of Money on this guy i can understand why Roman wants to give everything to get it to work with him. But i just don't see it happening he has lost that spark about him. I don't see even Rafa giving him that back.
  5. David Moyes would end up the same as RDM , he ins't a big enough name for Roman..
  6. Sick of this plastic fan talk. We all have our opinions and we will deal with the news the way we see fit , it does not make you less of a fan by what you choose to do. back on topic. I really see is getting a short term measure in like Avram to be honest then get Pep in the summer when he is ready,
  7. I hope your right. but Avram Grant would be just as bad...
  8. From the Special one to the fat spanish waiter , what the fuck has happend to this club in one night ?!!
  9. What a diffrence 6 months makes eh. Champions of Europe to this.... sigh like some previous people have said if it ends up being rafa god help us. I wish RDM the best of luck , no doubt he will be given a chance somewhere else and do great things. Thanks for the memories Robbie!
  10. Time to concentrate on the league and that top 4 spot. Juve fully deserve this. Same thing happened to united last year it was gonna happen one day. Onwards and upwards boy. Andy Townsend just hit it on the head we have lost our men amongst the boys.
  11. The lack of big leaders is the problem. We need someone to step up and unfortunately we don't have that.
  12. There must be somthing else other than Torres being in the way for the reason we want to sell him. I would love to be a fly on the wall at traning and see what some of the players are really like. I personnaly think Danny would be a great player for us if managed correctly selling him to Liverpool would be a stupid idea in my opinion. But if he sulks and moans there is no other options but to let him go.
  13. Agreed its only a predicted line up , i can't see Cesar playing on the wing , i know we have done it in the past with Betrand , i see us setting up to Attack to be honest.
  14. X-rated away for my first game back in the PL , lucky me
  15. Football is becoming a soap opera , im sick of all the tweets and bollocks that are in today's game. Punishment has been handed out , lets concentrate on football.
  16. They continue to overlook him , he would walk into any other team , oh well lets hope he wants to focus on his club career.
  17. Krypt

    Ashley Cole

    Just read this , silly move this whole thing should be put to bed now and concentrate on football , its just getting ridiculos now.
  18. The problem with Torres is confidence and pressure , at Liverpool he came in and wasn’t expected to set the world alight as a lot of people saw the move for a light weight Spanish centre forward a big risk at the time. I remember reading some comments saying he would struggle to make an impact , but we all know how that turned out. Then came his move to us for a massive £50 million pounds for a player who in the last season had been plagued by injuries and had lost some pace (which is one of his main attributes). He was up against Drogba , a player who ups his game and proves his number 1 at t
  19. After last night i get the feeling Torres can't score routine goals... The goal against Newcastle and Arse were both great , but when he seems to be through on goal 1 on 1 he seems to fluff it , maybe a composure issue ? but anyway its about the team and it seems like the team didn’t think they needed a second goal until the 80th Minute. We rode our luck a lot but pleased with the result and the 3 points that matters.
  20. I think we would have to sell Torres first before we could bring in a new top striker. With playing 1 up front its hard to keep a sqaud of happy strikers. The only other option is bring in a young striker with potential.
  21. At least he is owning up to his mistakes. Regarding the Match , we started well and when we got to 2-0 it was like we have done enough now shut up shop. its disspoiting because we were so close to the 3 points and if Mata has scored i think we would have won 3-1. Regarding Torres i though he had an OK game and im not the biggest fan , but for gods sake just stay as a forward! you don't need to be in our half.
  22. Krypt

    Didier Drogba

    Thanks for posting this. Most of this is coverd in his book , but it was good to see some of the pictures to go with it. I would love him to bring a new autobigrophy out , adding the rest of his career as it would be nice to see what he has to say about Chelsea now. After watching you realise how important he was to our sucess and if Torres had half his passion he could achive the same.
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