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  1. I have a horrible feeling it's Liverpools to loose now ...
  2. Really wish Liverpool would piss off now. Starting to get on my nerves. I still think they will win it without playing in Europe.
  3. Face it city have extremely good squad depth somthing we don't have. Their players where fresh and it shows by Today's result. Top 4 is our priority and then the summer transfer window anything else is a bonus.
  4. I wouldn't say we do. I for one am really impressed with Willian i feel he deserves more credit and hopefully Salah will prove to be a decent signing also.
  5. Fantastic first half !! Just hoping those missed chances don't come back to haunt us.
  6. I guess one of the main issues is Mata carried us for the last two seasons (creativity wise) and now we are much better he is off to help united until they recover. It's a shame as I would have never seen this coming at the start of the season. Good luck Juan and thanks for everything.
  7. Boring Chelsea. Lamps motm for me gave his all.
  8. Yep they have been quietly going about there business. It's so tight this year I only see arse having the chance to break free unfortunatly.
  9. Plus we have qualified for the champions league this time..
  10. As long as he learns from his mistakes we will be fine. Its a new team still i personally think we will do a lot better next year when Jose knows his best team and has a number 1 striker in the team. The only thing that has bothered me this time round is the lack of Mata , But i am not someone who has won what Mourinho has so he must have his reasons , just will be a shame to see Mata leave.
  11. City are very strange loose to Sunderland then destroy spuds...
  12. I have a friend who supports man city and is always positive about every game. I always worry if we can even break down a team let alone win. I just always feel like it's hard work in premier league games. I'll be honest if we carry on like this we can forget about top 4.
  13. So arsenal have won the league? Lol we will come back just a bad day at the office
  14. So arsenal have won the league? Lol we will come back just a bad day at the office
  15. Stop toying with our emotions Torres!
  16. Does he get a touchline ban for being sent off?
  17. The Lukaku situation is a tough one. Yes he would be great for us coming off the bench and being a game changer , but is that what he needs right now ? No he needs to play regular somthing we cannot unfortunately for whatever reason offer him here. Ideally a shorter loan would have been better then we could have him back in the new year if he had been banging in the goals.
  18. You can tell this seasons gonna be tough already.
  19. To be honest I can accept a loss but arse Liverpool spurs and United all being above us is what makes me angry. Fair play to everton they wanted it more.
  20. Was he really going to say anything else to Everton TV ?
  21. At the end of the day its a friendly cup. We have just proved we can play with the best. The organization of this team is fantastic. All this will do for lukaku is make him more set on beating the best. Bring the fuckers on !!
  22. I cant believe some of these comments for lukaku. His so young he made a mistake he will make many! It fantastic to see a Chelsea player so gutted ! He loves us if Torres had missed that he wouldn't give a shit. This guy will be good!!!
  23. Just meh seeing Liverpool or supds to of the league....
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