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  1. Wiki page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willian_Borges_da_Silva says he is a left winger. Maybe he is cover and Competition for Hazard ? and we will let Moses go...
  2. I am afraid we have another year of Fernando
  3. Thanks , The club must see something in him even if most of us don't , they have been chasing him for a while now.
  4. Just to confirm is he just a striker or can he play in other positions (sorry if this has already been covered)
  5. We were daft to let him go , i know we got Luiz in return but i always knew it would come back to bite us. Can't see us buying him though Benfica will want a daft amount.
  6. Sounds like he is looking for a bidding war to get the most for the player... we will have to wait and see.
  7. Crazy money. But i would rather have Hulk than schurrle.
  8. Krypt

    John Terry

    Completely agree , i see Terry going nowhere. Even in his interview Jose said its important that players like terry , cole and lampard are still at the club. Personally i am 50/50 about it 20 mill is a lot for a 32 year old.
  9. Hazard chose us because we had a better "project" apparently. If City do get all the players they desire it will be hard to stop them. But the manager will have a headache keeping Tevez , Aguero , Cavani and Dzeko(i see him staying) happy if they do indeed play only one striker. There are a limited of world class strikers nowadays which we can go for we need a Dider Drogba type signing or put our faith Lukaku.
  10. I am humbling my expectations after the last two seasons just gonna enjoy the ride.
  11. He would certainly beef up his midfield and with all the youngsters we now have , an older head is welcomed especially in midfield. If he is willing to move i hope we get him.
  12. Bit unsure about him. Like previous posters say we seem adamant about getting him , maybe our scouts see something special or maybe its his age? but as said previously 20 mill for a squad player is a lot.
  13. Lets hope he can change your mind then we can make a Jose fan out of you one day I feel the reason most of us are so excited it because of his past achievements here. I am not convinced it will be as plain sailing as last time but i am happy he is back and he has the chance to prove all the doubters in Madrid. He was the only option really , Klopp would have been a big gamble it could have been an AVB situation all over again , plus he clearly stated he wanted to stay at Dortmand. Pellegrini on the other hand was already a shoe in at city and will need time to adapt to the PL. Though if it wo
  14. I feel it will be different this time , Sam has said he leaves Teams in ruin when he leaves , but i think he will want to be here for the long haul. What else does he have to achieve maybe managing his country. So why would he only look at short team success , i think we need to give him time and see what he comes up with. People have the right to their opinion but at least give the guy a chance to do something first. It is the first time in a long while that i feel we have a competent manager!
  15. I must say its great how early this appointment has been made. We can start looking at new players straight away. None of this "assessing the squad" for 2 months..
  16. Do you have a link to these reports about Emenalo ?
  17. He knows exactly what to say to get you to love him... the tart
  18. No motivation to work now lol. Great day , great news. What an exciting season this will be.
  19. Good player , but no need to go back. We need some fresh players for us to mould into the team.
  20. Mou looks so much older now. That time at Madrid has took its toll.
  21. Great day 3rd and lukaku scoring 3 against United a sign of things to come?
  22. At this moment the playoff game will happen!
  23. Time flies greatest night ever. When we are old these memories will keep us happy. So glad I am witnessing the history making years !
  24. Great news I assume after last nights comments they had to come out with this quickly.
  25. I feel the same, its no disrespect to the cup. Its just after last season i guess...
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