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  1. I have a feeling he will end up at city. Just imagine what he could do with them.
  2. glad you popped up with your sources
  3. Its down to the players now. They are the ones who will be here next season not Rafa , if they want CL football they need to go out and grab it.
  4. http://www.talksport.co.uk/sports-news/football/premier-league/130508/david-moyes-appointed-manchester-united-manager-197137 not sure how reliable talksport is...
  5. Its all speculation at the moment so some people need to calm down a little. With or without Jose , we will still be a force next year (providing we qualify for the CL) it may be a blessing in disguise who knows, you never know with football. Just enjoy the ride. The one thing making me think he may not go to united is his style is a bit abrupt for them.
  6. Some great chances for us we just need some composure and put one away. Keep the faith
  7. Just seen the benfica celebrations. This cup means a lot to them. Let's hope we are professional in the final.
  8. Typically we will keep us in the top 3 but we will get no thanks for it.
  9. Need to make sure we do the job tommorow. Swansea have nothing to play for!
  10. Did we use all our luck up last season?
  11. Not optimistic about this one. They always seem to get the better of us. Hope i am proved wrong though !
  12. Well played to the lads if they had only shown that fight in the first half! City are twice the team we are so we did well.
  13. Looks like we are the only English team left in Europe again. Nothing changes that much in a year then!
  14. Why do we need falcao when Torres is back..... on a serious note we need him more than united. There would just be getting him to stop us having him in my opinion.
  15. You need to be in the CL to win it Just have a little feeling we will miss out. As for Jose , Didi i never wrong.
  16. Great game , the first game i have been genuinely excited about in ages. Brilliant comeback and i was celebrating when mata took that shot because i just expected it to go in. If this team could play like that second half consistently , it would be us looking pretty at the top of the table.
  17. At least it would of been a swift exit and less games with no Thursday nights... 4th place is our CL this season...
  18. http://www.football365.com/manchester-united/8541371/Jose-At-United-Nah-I-Don-t-Think-So- Interesting comments about jose at united...
  19. I’ll be honest I have not been this dis-interested in a season for Chelsea in the whole 17 years that I have supported this club. Yesterday when those city goals went in I showed no emotion as I didn’t expect anything. Football is becoming more and more of a business each day and it’s a sad state. JT , Lamps and Drogba are a dying breed of players who give there all for the shirt. Regarding the article I agree with some things he is saying but not everything this club just needs to be managed better with decisions being thought through and not just knee-jerk reactions.
  20. So i am the worst team to ever grace the premier league. Can't wait for next season now...
  21. It was nice to see Torres get so annoyed he didn't pass.
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