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  1. I can see the point with Yaya (the whole birthday cake ordeal etc.) but Aguero is fine. He's a damn fine footballer and just because he's from Man City doesn't mean you should blindly hate him. City are pretty damn similar to us and to discredit everything they do because they have had money pumped is a bit... ridiculous to say the least. You claim because you support Chelsea that it's different but if that is your standard another team like Arsenal for example could make the exact same case that you are holding with Man City. Who cares how they got their funding. The blind patriotism-like obs
  2. Sucks that it's for Man City but happy to see a player like Jovetic. Was gutted for him last season and it's great to see him play.
  3. With precedent on his side I can understand Romelu's fear of not getting any game time. People are calling him a coward and that if he had self belief last season he would have been given his opportunities. Maybe with Mourinho this would have been true but has everyone forgotten the situation with Sturridge? Sturridge was so obviously better than Torres and he never ever got a realistic chance. With this in Lukaku's mind and having already suffered from a year on the bench at Chelsea its understandable that he wants to demand minutes. Throw in Mourinho last season had new strikers in Eto'o and
  4. and that's that. Average defending today throughout and we can't afford that with the lack of our creativity. GL Athletico in the final.
  5. YESSSSSSS Great turn by Willian. Come on CHELSEA!
  6. Fellaini and Jones are still physical players, i see it slightly like a luiz-matic combo (although significantly worse). They are both physical players and you can replace cleverley with carrick if you want. Evra, yes is an accident but he is contributing more offensively and thats what his role would be. Could try slotting valencia in there, azpilicueta style but imo thats just too much FM. Rooney dropping deep would just help link midfield and attack and if him dropping deep is a problem that can be remedied by instruction. I don't think its a perfect system by any means but at least on pa
  7. I've thought this ever since the Mata transfer and I'm not sure if it's been discussed. But why hasnt this been tried? Since the acquisition of Mata it seems to me like the best solution to accomodate Mata, Rooney and RVP. United 4-3-1-2- De gea Rafael - Ferdinand- Vidic - Evra Fellaini - cleverley/carrick - Jones Mata Rvp - Rooney Two wing backs who provide the team width, could even slide Valencia in as one of the wingbacks. Three central midfield players to provide defensive platform for wingbacks and lack of de
  8. Expecting a 3 man midfield with Ramires for me the only certainty. Could see any 4 of Lamps, Matic, Mikel or Luiz playing. Sort of confident but the first few chances that go City's way are going to terrify me. Hopefully its still 0-0 at the 15 minute mark and we can start to generate a foothold in the game.
  9. It's true, a game like that would have fitted Mata perfectly. However, as someone ^ posted, Mata wants to play more than just the west hams of this world and he deserves that. Unfortunately you can't play a high pressing game with Mata as a focal point. As has been said countless times, without Mata we are 3 points off the top compared to struggling for top 4. I'd much rather a strong footballing vision than basing a team around one player with the quality of Mata. He's a great player but as was debated with Rafa at the helm - what top European club would base their team around a player only
  10. Was refreshing to see Luiz back. His ability to find a pass definitely helps us play a better possession based game. Ramires was frustrating with his decision making but mostly with that yellow. Missing the liverpool game is horrible for us. Etoo was dreadful, so frustrating throughout the game. 3 points and close to the top. Amazing that we haven't kicked into gear and are doing it without a striker.
  11. I was thinking pretty hastily and if that were to happen it would be very scary. However, it has been frustrating in recent seasons seeing England get destroyed by all other powerhouses. To see ManC top the group with Bayern would restore a bit of glory back into the English game. Still though, please no Bayern in last 16.
  12. please city beat bayern! this is amazing. p.s. I love seing Guardiola look worried
  13. Martinez is a quality manager. Funny that Rodgers took Martinez's Swansea and it seems since Martinez the Swansea team makes every manager look good. Martinez was good, Rodgers was good, Laudrup is currently good. Great philosophy Martinez instills and I love how he isn't afraid to go for the victory against big teams. Next season though they might look a bit different. Lukaku, Deulofeu and Barry are all on loan and I think they will be hardpressed to replace all 3 (though I can see Barry staying). Would be great for them to make top 4. Imagine how depressed Liverpool fans would be in the Toff
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