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  1. From what I know of the situation in France, it's not so much that immigration is the problem, just the amount of it, especially from Islamic countries. You end up with ghettoisation, which is unhealthy for both the indigenous population but also the immigrants too. Pretty much the same as the UK, where we now see the indigenous population becoming minorities in some towns and cities. There's three large areas of my City where the White English have become a tiny minority. A couple of years ago I got on a bus that passed through one of the areas. I went upstairs and I was the only white
  2. It's about all the players who are not good, not just Ziyech. The club has two options. Avoid the financial loss and keep the deadwood and suffer the long-term consequences of doing that. Or we take the short term hit and bring in better players who can help take the team to another level. Personally, I think the second option is by far the better one.
  3. So he's not good enough as a 5th choice CB We're not going to find a better player who's happy enough being 5th choice, so I don't see the point in selling Zouma at this point.
  4. More concerned about the here and now than what might happen with the climate decades down the road. Johnson, Patel and Khan are failing abysmally at protecting out boarders and at making our streets safe to walk in. We're letting the French spit in our face and piss all over us with this migration scandal. Turned out "Boarder Force" into a fucking Ferry service. This last week on the streets of Greewich we've had nutters running wild having fights with massive knives in broad daylight. A mass Machete fight in fucking Hyde Park. Police attacked by a mob in South London whi
  5. If we're looking to move players on, we're going to have to accept we're in difficult times and be prepared to accept offers a fair bit lower than we might want. Best to just move on the deadwood for whatever we can get and get them off the wage bill.
  6. I can now see the reasoning behind keeping Giroud for another year With the shortage of top strikers available it would've been a big risk moving on both Giroud and Abraham's. We'll at least get a decent fee for Tammy, so it makes sense for him to be the one they let go. Looks like Borja might well be givin his chance next season, which would be exciting to see. Abraham's will be a decent/good top half of the table player, but I doub't he'll ever be a good, top four level player who'll help a team challenge for the title
  7. I haven't heard of anyone being offered their second jab as early as 21 days after the first, or close to that. The average time is 8 weeks though I gather they're trying to speed it up to 6 weeks. The only side effects I had were a bit of a headache, temperature and tiredness for a few hours. Also, seeing that I got a lift and wasn't driving, they let me leave straight away.
  8. Just started watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark on flm 4. Lost count of the times I've watched it but I never get bored seeing it again and again. Just a perfect film in every way and fantastic chemistry between Harrison ford and the delightful Karen Allen.
  9. Agree that Mount has been more important to Chelsea's success than Foden has been to City's Having said that, I have to be honest and say I think Foden has greater potential than Mount. If he stays free of serious injury, works hard and lives the life, he could be top 3 in the world level in a few years. Probably England's greatest natural talent since Gazza and could go onto be England's greatest ever player.
  10. I can't remember a time when there was so little hype or excitement around an England team going into a major tournament. Used to love seeing lots of houses draped in England flags. I know that's been fading away in recent years, along with fewer England fans going abroad to tournaments as well, but this year I haven't seen a single flag anywhere.
  11. For anyone having trouble finding a vaccination centre near to them, they should phone their doctors surgery who will probably be able to find one closer than what's on the gov.uk site. My doctor's booked me one a 5 mins drive away, while the nearest one on gov.uk was 6 miles. Very efficiently run centre and in and out in five mins.
  12. But for that freak slip on wet grass, we'd have one more CL titles than Manure. Still, we are now second only to Liverpool in number of Euro trophies won and also won four more than Spuds and Arse added together.
  13. Today's figures of 18 deaths and over 5,000 new cases, makes it pretty much impossible for Government to lift the final restrictions anytime soon. Will be back to over a 100 deaths a day at this rate. What an absolute bastard of a virus this thing is.
  14. Chilwell had a fine game in the CL final, but he also had a bad run of form during the season and fans were happy enough to see Alonso step in. James has also had a lot of underwhelming performances this season too, so it's a bit unfair to single out Alonso. Alonso was as slow as coach when we won the title under Conte, but he made a good contribution to the team that season. He's probably not at that level these days, but I wouldn't say he's fallen too far below it. There are other areas in the team which are much more in need of an upgrade than the Left side of defence, so it's wis
  15. Alonso is still a useful squad player for us in certain games, so I don't see why we should sell him. Also offers something a bit different from Chilwell, which again, is something useful to have. Also not going to get a top class RB who's happy to be a number 2. Same with the keeper situation.
  16. Traore is like a steam train when he gets going but there's next to no end product in his play. Most definitely not the level of player we should be signing. We do need much more of a cutting edge from the right side that we currently have though.
  17. Of course I'd love us to get a world class striker, but a striker doesn't have to be world class to put away a good percentage of the chances we missed over this last season. Some of which were comically bad. An Andy Cole or Ian Wright level striker would improve us significantly and neither of them of those were world class. Just good strikers with good movement in the box and could put the ball in the net on a regular basis Also, as good as he's been, there's still plenty of room for improvement in Mount's consistency with his shooting and decision making around the box. Pulisic t
  18. You can't/won't debate the uncomfortable truths, so you come out with this. But I'll answer in a straight way that's deserving of such an important issue, and one which is causing such dangerous divisions. Yes, there are indeed lots of violent, white criminal scum and as I have made it very, very clear I have zero time for them and do not give a toss if they come to a sticky end with the Police - Again, carry gun or knife and resist arrest, then too bad if they end up dead. Further point is, nobody else ever cares when criminal white scum are killed by the Police and rightly so! Ho
  19. Although we didn't need their help in the end, we owe Spurs one for beating Leicester. So I plead with Chelsea fans around the world to club together and help Spurs buy Lukaku.
  20. Staying the obvious, but we can't even think about seriously challenging for the title until we start scoring a lot more goals than we have been doing. Really is as simple as that. Just one game under TT when we've scored more than two goals. Basically, every game we play the result is in the balance going into the last ten minutes. No matter how much we might dominate in terms of possession, we'll drop far too many points by simply conceeding one goal or not getting one ourselves. Need to starting bullying the weaker sides and putting ganes to bed long before the end. I
  21. Yeah, highlight white people shooting at targets and ignore criminal scum shooting dead kids and even babies. A recent YouTube video by The Officer Tatum, going by the title of The Video BLM do not want you to see. 12 year old girl shot dead in Hazelcrest Chicago. 14 year old boy shot dead near an Aldi store in Springfield and Madison. 7 year old girls shot dead, shot 6 times in parking lot outside a Macdonalds in Laundale 15 year old boy shot dead in Little Village 9 yearl old boy shot dead while playing with his friends in Chicago. 9 year old girl shot d
  22. It's a wildly OTT exaggeration to say that if you have a gun you will shoot one day and that civilians will go crazy one day. There's well over 100 million gun owners in America. Out of those, some will have one a gun for use in their criminal activities and end up killing one day. No law will ever stop criminals posessing guns! Then there are those sad/mad/evil individuals who completely lose the plot and go out kill. Out of the 100 + plus, that leaves 99.9...% who will never go out and shoot someone.
  23. I actually couldn't bear to watch the last 15 mins of the game. Have open plan living room and kitchen and spent the last 15 mins pacing up and down my kitchen splashing water on my face while listening to the game. 3 CL finals now and every one has been nerve shredding until the final kick.
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