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  1. I stay well clear of all those social media outlets.
  2. I'll certainly agree about his shooting and losing the ball too many times, but even with those faults he's still better than the others in midfield and attack. I said elsewhere, the one player who's really getting away with murder is Kovacic. Does feck all in the opponents half and in the space of a week lost the ball and cost us a goal and on Sunday lost it again in the same position and almost cost us another goal. Back to the shooting. The standard of shooting throughout the whole team is a very unfunny joke. I cannot remember seeing a team with so many players who are so b
  3. Gus, of course. Somehow forgot about him. Lovely reception, first time especially. Rafa was very more muted. Some respectful appluase for the good job he did, but with no real affection. Understandable after the stuff he said while at Liverpool. To this day we're stuck with the "Plastics" insults.
  4. Bit unfair that. He had a lot to prove when returning from Derby and he's gone on to be a player who's consistently singled out for praise by many in the game. The only one of our midfield/forward players who turns in consistently performances. Been a bit more up and down recently though. Not a world class player but he has moments of real high class and just an all-round important player in the team.
  5. The problem there is neither Donnaruma or Mendy would settle wih being a number two for very long. While Mendy isn't an elite keeper he's proven to be good enough for the position to no longer be a big weakness. Kepa would be OK for number 2 level keeper. Its just his fee and wages that made it such a bad deal.
  6. Don't hold your breath waiting for BLM to protest about this. I've seen some of these ex gang members talk about their time in these gangs and how some people are stabbed or shot dead fo as little as being "disrespectful" to another gang member. Furthermore, this woman is part of a Militia.group who see themselves as a British version of the Black Panthers. Again, zero sympathy from me for those get involved in these gangs and extremist political groups.
  7. Fair point. But I still expect to see some progress in a player and I'm not seeing any in James. I honestly don't think he's any better than he was two years ago and that's a worry. Mount is the only one of the "Chelsea Boys" who's kicked on.
  8. It was nice to see Nuno getting a warm goodbye from the fans. Did a good job there but good to see both the club and manager know its the right time to move on having taken Wolves as far as he can and left on good terms. Think I'm right in saying we haven't been able to give any of our managers a send off since the departure of Claudio.
  9. No, not just you who thinks this. He has the occasional good game but his average level is very ordinary. Not that good at defending and really not doing enough going forward either. I hope for noticeable progress next season. If there is none, then Its probably time to sell him. Same with CHO.
  10. I think most of the negativity towards him is just down to the frustration of seeing him not playing to his potential more often. He's a real talent, but a wildly inconsistent one.
  11. If City play their best they will probably win this fairly easily. For us to win we're going to need all the luck going our way with them not taking their chances and us knicking a goal and hanging on.
  12. He's going to have to start setting us up differently next season. His current approach will be enough to grind out narrow wins but far too many games we're walking on a tightrope. That will mentally wear players down over a whole season. Keeper, three at the back, two wingbacks and two holding midfielders is way too negative and leaves us with just three attack minded players, which clearly isn't enough. Anything can happen in the Cups, but in the league I would only just about give him a pass, and I have to add that I haven't enjoyed watching many of our games under him. He's
  13. Yep! Liverpool's keeper has scored only five fewer than our top scorers.
  14. I'm just at a loss, scratching my head thinking about who we should go for. We are not getting Kane or Harrland. I'm not s fan of Lukaku. Dread the thought of a 34 year old Lewondowski leading our attack.
  15. Kovacic is the one really gets away with non performances. Without doubt one of the most vastly overrated players to pull on a Chelsea shirt. Cannot wait yo see the back of this fraud. Him and the equally bang average Jorgi have been absolutely killing us in midfield these past three years.
  16. It's quite difficult to put a time limit on how long you give a player to start performing consistently well. We didnt keep KDB or Salah for long enough, which will always haunt us, but how long before we give up on Puli or CHO and move them on? Not sure if CHO is really all that, but no doubt Puli has the talent to be a top player for us. Can't wait forever though, so I'd give him next season to start producing and sell him in the summer of 2022 if he doesn't. Same with CHO, Werner, Kai and James too.
  17. People said he wouldn't be good enough for the Premiership, but he's proved them wrong. Could do even better with better players around him.
  18. Mendy for sure, but I was thinking about outfield players. I'm writing Leicester off because it looks like Vardy is on the wane. They are extremely smart in their recruitment, but he's going to be incredibly difficult to replace. .
  19. And Drogba might still be able to do better than this lot too. BTW. Just heard Banford being talked about. I certainly wouldn't mind us making a bid for him.
  20. Apart from Kante, name one great signing over the last 4 years. I have no faith in those in charge of our transfers. One bad or average signing after another.
  21. With their defenders back next season, I fully expect them to be hitting 90 points again. I fear we'll be in another battle for 4th next season, with Spurs running us close. Don't see Leicester or West Ham doing as well next season.
  22. Oh yes, there was definitely a group of untouchables there, which was mentioned by numerous FM's on there. A lot of Chelsea fans just seem to have given up on forums and use other forms of social media instead.
  23. Oh yes, I quite enjoy checking out other forums. When your feeling down about Chelsea, the main Spurs forum is always worth a visit for a quick pick me up. Almost feel sorry for them at times. Love it when they say that no matter how shit we are, we always end up falling upwards, the exact opposite to them. He he. Arsenal one is actually pretty decent and level headed. Some hate, but not on the scale of other forums.. Liverpooll Red and White Kop is pretty hateful towards us and blames us for so much that is wrong in football, with everyone from RA to our fans being pretty much dete
  24. Ironically, one of the FM's who ended up defending was a Black FM. I say ended up defending me, because he too jumped straight down my neck as soon as I posted against BLM. After a while though he got where I was coming from and thought I was misguided being a Conservative and following the likes of Ben Shapiro, Officer Tatum and co. rather than being a racist. I've actually never even voted Conservative. Just the way the left had moved so far (not all of them I might add) has forced me to side with them, as it's done with a huge number of its onetime traditional voters.
  25. Sadly, the Hazard we had is long gone now.
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